May 26, 2024

Here are 10 spells for your health. Each of these is chanted three times over the herb or flower mentioned. The “charm” should then be worn, or carried in a pocket:

  1. Rosemary Rejuvenation Spell “Rosemary sprigs from the earthen bed, Lend your vigor to weary tread. Purify the body, cleanse the soul, With your essence, make the spirit whole.”

  2. Ginger Vitality Incantation “Ginger root from Eastern lands, Ignite life force at my command. Warm the blood with piquant zest, Energize the being’s quest.”

  3. Chamomile Calming Chant “Chamomile blossoms, soft and bright, Soothe the mind from morning’s light. Ease the tensions, balm for stress, With your sweet aroma, bring calm’s caress.”

  4. Garlic Fortitude Enchantment “Garlic bulb of pungent might, Bolster defenses for the fight. Ward off ills with your potent scent, Strength and vigor shall be rent.”

  5. Honey Healing Invocation “Golden honey, nectar divine, Bless this vessel, make it thine. Mend the wounds with your amber balm, Restore vitality, keep safe from harm.

  6. Lavender Tranquility Charm “Lavender buds of purple hue, Calm the spirit, stresses subdue. Let your fragrance pervade the air, Bestow serenity beyond compare.”

  7. Turmeric Vitality Verses
    “Turmeric root of saffron glow, Awaken life force, let it flow. Through vein and vessel, warm the blood, Vigor renewed, like springtide’s flood.

  8. “Mint Clarity Enchantment “Mint leaves crisp and emerald bright, Sharpen the senses, lend clear sight.
    Focus the mind, cut through the haze, Restore keen thoughts for sunlit days.

  9. “Cinnamon Immunity Incantation “Cinnamon bark from ancient trees, Strengthen the body’s fortresses. Let your warmth be protection’s key, Illness and ailment cannot be.

  10. “Thyme Renewal Ritual “Thyme shoots rising from earth’s embrace, Renewal and rebirth now retrace. Let your herb’s magic make all things new, Restore and revive with morning’s dew.”

  11. May the powers of these natural charms bring you renewed health, protection, clarity and overall wellness! smiles mystically

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