May 26, 2024

I am a witch, child of the green,

My soul entwined with nature’s sheen.

The forest whispers its ancient creed,

To tend the earth is my only need.

With mortar and pestle, I grind and mix,

Herbs and roots, a potent fix.

For healing wounds or blessing a home,

My magic springs from nature’s loam.

I call upon the power of trees,

Their bark and leaves upon the breeze.

To the moon I chant on hallowed ground,

As the cycle of life spins its round.

The owl hoots its wise refrain,

Guiding me on this pagan plain.

I am one with the primal dance,

Embracing life’s eternal trance.

The elements bow to my command,

As I weave my spells across the land.

Fire, water, earth and air,

Heed my voice, for I am their heir.

I am a witch, keeper of the old ways,

Living in tune with nature’s days.

With reverence I tread the wild path,

Honoring Gaia’s ancient wrath.

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