May 26, 2024

One of the most requested spells, ask for by those new to the Craft, are prosperity spells.
Here are 10 such spells to get you started.

  1. Abundance Spell: To attract wealth and abundance into one’s life, the witch can gather ingredients such as mint leaves, cinnamon sticks, and gold coins. The witch should place these items in a bowl filled with water and say the following incantation: “May the blessings of the earth and sky pour down upon me, filling my heart with gratitude and my pockets with riches.” After reciting this spell, the witch can light a candle and burn sage or palo santo around the area to clear any negative energies.

  2. Prosperity Candle: A simple yet powerful spell involves carving symbols representing prosperity onto a green candle (green symbolizes growth and abundance). As the wax melts, the witch can visualize her desires coming true. She could also add essential oils like patchouli or sandalwood to enhance its potency.

  3. Money Drawing Talisman: Using parchment paper, the witch can draw a pentagram and fill it with numbers corresponding to the year, month, day, hour, minute, and second of when she wants her financial goals to manifest. Then, she would put it inside a small bag containing silver coins, salt, and lavender flowers. The witch can carry it with her always or bury it under her front doorstep to invite money into her home.

  4. Lucky Coin Ritual: In this ritual, the witch finds a lucky coin and carries it with her wherever she goes. Before leaving the house, she holds it close to her chest and says, “With this coin, I bring good fortune and abundance into my life.” She can repeat this affirmation throughout the day whenever she touches the coin.

  5. Gratitude Jar Spell: Fill a jar with notes detailing things the witch is grateful for, along with images or quotes that represent prosperity. Every night before bedtime, she reads through each note aloud while holding the jar. By focusing on the positive aspects of her life, the witch can cultivate a mindset conducive to success and abundance.

  6. Opportunity Charm: Using red thread, tie nine knots around a crystal, such as citrine or amethyst, while repeating the mantra, “I am open to opportunities that align with my highest good.” This charm can be carried with the witch everywhere she goes, reminding her of the opportunities waiting for her.

  7. Prosperity Bath: Light candles and add bath salts infused with lavender and eucalyptus oil to a warm bath. While soaking, chant the following incantation: “As I bathe in these waters, may my soul absorb the essence of abundance and prosperity, bringing forth blessings into my life.”

  8. Wish Tree Spell: Create a wish tree by drawing a tree trunk and branches on a piece of paper. Hang a string with different wishes written on it. For example, one branch could contain wishes for career advancements, another for more clients, and the third for better finances. The witch can hang the string above her desk or somewhere visible as a daily reminder of her intentions.

  9. Prosperity Meditation: Find a quiet spot where the witch won’t be disturbed. Close her eyes and focus on her breath. Visualize herself surrounded by golden light that radiates prosperity, abundance, and wealth. The witch can also imagine herself living her ideal life, complete with luxurious amenities and experiences.

  10. Prosperity Affirmations: Repeat positive affirmations regularly to reinforce a belief system that supports prosperity and abundance. Some examples include: “Money flows easily and abundantly to me,” “My talents and skills attract rewarding opportunities,” and “I deserve to be financially successful and happy.”

In conclusion, witches can utilize various methods to attract wealth and prosperity into their lives, ranging from spells and talismans to meditation and affirmations. By combining traditional techniques with modern practices, they can develop a holistic approach to achieving their financial aspirations.

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