A Magickal Floorwash

Although many modern practitioners prefer to eliminate floor washes, this is a big mistake because they are basic to the traditional African and New Orleans procedures. The purpose of a floor wash is to cleanse, purify, and dedicate your sacred space prior to a ritual. Making a floor wash is very simple. If you were going to do a luck ritual, for instance, you might want to wash down the floor of your ritual space with some Lady Luck Floorwash.

Lady Luck Rose, Patchouli, Cinnamon
To make the floor wash, either put a few drops of rose, patchouli and cinnamon oils into the mop bucket (along with your normal detergent or cleanser) and then wash down the floor with this mixture. Or, make a “tea” using rosebuds, patchouli leaves, and some cinnamon by bringing about a pint of water to a boil and then dumping in approximately an ounce of the mixed herbs. Allow the “tea” to steep and then strain it. Put the “tea” into your mop bucket with your regular cleanser.

Obviously, if the space is carpeted, this isn’t an option for you. Instead, you should brew the tea, put a bit onto a sponge and lightly touch the top of the carpet around your work area with the sponge, taking care not to soak the carpet. If you do not wish to do this, then at least wipe off the top of your altar with the floor wash. Ideally, your sacred space would not be carpeted because carpeting, and the pad underneath, trap all sorts of unclean particulates.

If you don’t like the idea of using a floor wash, then at least use a spray. You make a spray by brewing the tea and straining it carefully through a coffee filter to get all of the heavy residues out. Then put the strained tea into an empty spray bottle (bottle can be recycled, but must be clean) and use the spray like an aerosol around your ritual area. This accomplishes close to the same effect, but to be absolutely authentic and thorough, you should go to the extra trouble of floor washing.

In some kinds of rituals, particularly uncrossing rituals, you will probably want to use two floor washes or sprays — one at the beginning and one at the end of your ritual. If you start your procedure using Uncrossing Floorwash (using the recipe given in the section on oils), then you might close with a banishing floor wash to make sure that no evil entities lurk in your environment once they have been lifted from you or your client.


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