Dream Magick – A Forest Love Spell

We all know trees are powerful and wise spirits. They provide the oxygen that keeps everything on our planet alive. These are some of the reasons so many of us are working hard to make sure the forests of today will be here for everyone to enjoy in the future.

The purpose of this Forest Love Adventure is to show how you can tap into the power of the trees and forest to help bring more love and joy into your life. Again, you don’t necessarily need to be in a relationship to do this magical work. A warm spring evening is the best time for going on this journey, but you can also go any night you would like to have a loving adventure in a sacred, old-growth forest.


1 green candle

Cedar incense and censer

* Your imagination

Spinning the Spell

Draw the sacred circle and call in your dream guardians. Then light the candle and incense. Read the following three times (or have your lover read it to you), and then lie back and see and sense the following experience.

Begin by listening to the rhythm of your breath. Now slow your breathing down by breathing in to the count of three, holding your breath for three counts, and then exhaling completely. Sense your heart beating like a drum at the core of your being. Allow your eyes to close slowly and completely, relaxing even more as you continue to breathe to the count of three. In your mind’s eye, begin to see and sense yourself standing in a thick forest grove on a warm spring evening just before dusk.

As you look up, you can see tall and mighty oaks, sinuous ash trees, and huge, old-growth redwoods. As you look down, you see small wild daisies and delicate green ferns covering the forest floor. You can hear birds and the sound of a stream running nearby.

You can feel the power in the land all around you, energizing you. The fresh scent of the trees, earth, and water washes over you, carried in the soft breeze. Suddenly, a thin white fog fills the forest grove, and the mist glows a golden orange as the sun’s afternoon rays slice through it.

The glistening mist brushes against you like a cat and slowly surrounds and enfolds you. Oddly relaxing and almost warm, it gently swirls over your feet, legs, torso, and limbs and up over your head. The mist rolls in above and below you, before, beside, and behind you. You can feel the moisture on your face and taste the tiny droplets on your lips. The golden-orange fog grows thicker and more cloudlike, and you feel as though you are floating in the forest, being lifted on a golden cloud, sailing through the woods like a boat cutting through the water.

You can feel yourself being pulled as if by a current, being carried faster and faster. An opening appears in the forest, and you are pulled through it, traveling to a beautiful Otherworld of experience. In this Otherworld, you experience a tremendous feeling of love and joy. Now begin to see your lover (prospective lover or dream lover), right next to you in this Otherworld, loving you and empowering you. Take a few minutes to enjoy the experience. Feel yourself smiling all over!

When you are done, allow the candle to bum down completely. As you drift to sleep, focus on the candle flame while turning your mind to the forest once again with the intention of dreaming beneath the trees. Repeat over and over, until you dose your eyes and fall asleep,

Forest dreams of love, joy, and light,

Carry me to the Otherworld tonight.

In the morning, write down everything in your journal that you recall of your dreams. Then pull up the circle and release your dream guardians.

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