Vetiver Mattress Spell

Vetiver, also called khus khus, is one of the more powerful commanding botanicals. Surprisingly perhaps it’s also known in India as the “plant of tranquility.” It has a deep, earthy scent w ith mild sedative effects for many. Command some serenity, peace and tranquility! Traditionally used as roofing material in India, when it rains the scent is released and intensified. A more accessible method for most comes from the French Antilles:

1. Place vetiver roots together with citronella leaves under your mattress. Heat and movement will encourage the release and intensification of the fragrance. (These ingredients are also primary components of Van Van, which leaves so many blessings in its wake.)

2. Should the fragrance lose its intensity, it’s time to replace the old botanicals with fresh ones.

3. Burn or bury the aged leaves and roots.

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