Linked Souls Dream Charm

People in medieval courts of love speculated about whether romance and love originated in the heart or in the head. They also questioned whether love entered through the eye or through the ear.

Using your heart, head, eyes, and ears, this spell promotes a satisfying, romantic, and loving relationship with your current lover. Spin it on a Tuesday or Friday night, on or close to a full moon.

List of Items Needed :

1 red candle

• Tube of red lipstick, red crayon, or red felt pen

* Sheet of white paper

* 3 rosebuds (dried)

Spinning the Spell

Draw a sacred circle and light the candle. Use the red crayon, lipstick, or felt pen to draw two interlinking hearts on the paper. Draw the hearts with gusto, tracing them over three times. Afterward, write your name and your lover’s name inside each of the two hearts. As you do this, see and feel yourself and your lover experiencing a deeper, more loving relationship than you ever experienced before.

Dare to dream for a few moments, experiencing exactly how wonderful your relationship can be and will be in the very near future. Hold the rosebuds between your hands, and charge them with these hopeful and loving energies. As you do this say,

At this hour, on this night,

I seek to find my heart’s delight.

I call upon the Ancient Powers,

Link our love with these flowers.

Grant this sacred loving dream,

As I will, so mote it be!

Now sprinkle the rosebuds on the paper, over the interlinked hearts. Wrap the paper around the hearts and flowers, folding it nine times and finally sealing it with red wax from the candle.

Place the folded and sealed paper in your bureau drawer or in a special box. Allow the candle to burn down completely as you drift to sleep, thinking about your loving dream.

In the morning, write down anything you recall from your dreams. Then pull up the circle. By the next full moon, your relationship will grow more intensely passionate and loving.

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