What to do if you suspect you’re the victim of a curse

I get many letters with questions from my readers, and this has to be the most commonly asked question of all. Usually, if you are free of enemies, then it’s unlikely that the bad luck you are encountering has anything to do with a hex. However, if you don’t get along that well with your mother-in-law, or if your ex-husband is bad-mouthing you at every opportunity, then it’s quite possible that their negativity is affecting you in some way.

Therefore, it’s essential that you keep your enemies to a minimum. If there is someone who clearly doesn’t like you, then you need to either try and make that relationship better or remove yourself from it—period. If you are not in their face 24/7, then they will not be silently cursing you all the time and causing you problems.

Sometimes it’s not that easy, though, and for whatever reason, life will make sure we are in the same vicinity as our enemies on a regular basis. In situations where it’s impossible to move away from a person, spells such as the ones below are sometimes necessary to keep negative vibes from being launched in your direction.


In my opinion, the mirror is one of the most commanding items in the witch’s protective tool kit. Gather together as many small mirrors as you can find and place one facing outward in every window of your home. (If you have multipaned windows, there is no need to place a mirror in every pane; one is quite sufficient.) The mirror will reflect any negative vibes, bouncing them right back to where they came from so they don’t interrupt the balance of your life. It will create a protective force field to keep you free from trouble and strife. I keep my mirrors in place at all times, only removing them for a quick dusting before I put them right back.

For a bit of extra energy, and to add to the magick of the mirror, why not try casting a spell to sweeten your enemy’s mood? This is a great way to build up your positive karma, and it guarantees that he or she will be sending you nicer thoughts in the future. Take a piece of letter-size paper and, with a black pen, write your name and underneath it your foe’s name. Take two pink rose petals and a pinch of salt and place them in the middle of the paper. These items represent harmony and cleansing and will magickally calm down antagonism. Fold the paper in half (make sure the petals remain inside the paper). Then fold the paper once more in half. Keep folding the paper until you cannot fold it anymore. Once you have folded it until it is as small as it can be, place it on a table and light a yellow candle next to it. Say the following spell three times:

Angels bless this soul,
Make our union pleasant,
Calm their disposition,
Evil thoughts be absent.
So mote it be.

The candle should be left to burn down and extinguish itself.



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