A Brief History of Scrying

In ancient Egypt, priests and priestesses used scrying as a way to divine the future. They would pour oil or water into a dark vessel and wait for images to appear, using the results to predict the outcome of a war, the best time to plant crops or the best time to conceive a child. The images would be dark and fuzzy, but that didn’t really matter. It was their interpretation of the images that were important.

As the centuries rolled on, the art of scrying evolved. Some people used scrying as a form of meditation to get in touch with their spiritual sides. Other seers gazed at reflective objects and, perhaps because of the changes in the alpha waves in their brains, were able to enter into hypnotic states, or self-induced trances, in which they predicted future events.

Some scholars believe that Nostradamus, the famous sixteenth-century French psychic, used scrying as a method of divination. It is said that he would often stare into a bowl of water to bring on this special state of consciousness when writing his famous quatrains predicting future wars, deaths, and world calamities.

It wasn’t until the Victorian age that the Roma Gypsies, with their dark, flowing hair, gold jewelry, and vibrant sense of style and dress, brought attention back to the crystal ball. The Gypsies were well versed in this divinatory art and charged often hefty fees to anyone who wanted their fortune read. Though Gypsies were much maligned during this period, they were also known to be very good at scrying. In fact, the Gypsies elevated this mystical science to an art form. Their fortune-telling abilities were so revered that when people living in towns and cities saw the wagons coming, they scraped some money together and scurried to have their fortunes read before the Gypsies hit the road again.

In those Victorian times, witches, warlocks, and wizards began taking this ancient form of crystal gazing to an even higher level of development and skill. They refined the technique of scrying by choosing crystals with specific properties attached to them and using those crystals for divination, healing, and enlightenment. If a client had a fertility problem, for example, she would hold a crystal or crystals in her hand— usually moonstone and/or rose quartz— while the witch gazed into the scrying surface. The crystal would wipe out the negative forces surrounding the person, opening the door to peace and contentment.

Lapis lazuli was and still is, often used to help people find inner peace, while rose quartz brought love and self-healing. There are so many stones out there it could boggle the mind, so use the simple list below as a starting guide

AMETHYST: Higher consciousness

BLUE AGATE: Inner consciousness

CITRINE: Money and success

HEMATITE: Opportunity

QUARTZ: Clarity of mind


MALACHITE: Past lives

To boost the power of the vision, choose a crystal that relates to the reason you’re scrying.



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