The Akashic Records, Death, and Reincarnation

Almost all Witches believe in reincarnation. So do a great many other religions and cultures around the world. Actually, those who believe in reincarnation far outnumber those who do not. Scientists know that nothing in the universe can actually be totally destroyed. When one substance appears to be destroyed, it is simply transmuted into something else. Burning wood, for example, becomes heat, ashes, and smoke. In other words, any destroyed physical object changes form.

Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that the human soul and individuality are not extinguished at death. The soul and individuality are not of a physical nature, and therefore do not transmute according to physical laws as we know them. This is in line with the law “As above, so below.” Spiritual forms on the higher realms or levels are not destroyed but continue to exist in one form or another. Therefore, the spiritual part of everything that dies on the earthly realm will do the same.

dream photoEach of us has lived many lives before our present one. All of these lives make up and influence our present likes, dislikes, phobias, character traits, and predilections to certain actions and reactions. Too many people delude themselves into believing that they were very famous, important people in other lives. The fact is, very few of us were. In every era, it is the common, hard-working, everyday person who has the most impact on society, and whose life experiences make the biggest impression both on the spiritual soul and the development of physical cultures. We all experience being male and female and incarnate into different civilizations for the uplifting experiences such lives bring to our total soul development.

Humans come with built-in protection against seeking death or taking serious risks that might kill them. Sometimes, because of karmic circumstances, environmental problems, or unusual events, humans will choose to place themselves in death’s path. Ordinarily, however, humans are afraid of death. This is partly because we no longer have the spiritual instruction that teaches us the truth about death. We have been taught that death is painful and terrible, that when we die all we can expect is total boredom of perfected nothingness or eternal punishment for being human. The cause of death may be painful, but not the actual process of dying. There is nothing terrible about being “reborn” into a new life. Hypnotized people remember their birth as being a far more painful, frightening process than the final act of leaving the physical body.

At one time, certain cultures, such as the Celts, had special priestesses who helped the dying make the transition through the use of music and song. They guided the sick on meditational journeys that taught them how to die painlessly and joyfully. These guided tours showed the sick how to safely cross the barrier between the worlds and what and who they would find there.

Between incarnations, souls rest in a part of the astral planes known as the Land of Faery or other Pagan names. The ancient Celts knew it as the Blessed Isles. Summerland is a much later term that arose with the founding of the Spiritualist churches during the 1800s. Since this Pagan paradise is part of the astral realms, it can also be reached through dreams, meditation, and astral travel to communicate with the dead.

We are given choices before we take the step of being reincarnated. Unless a soul is relegated to the lower astral levels, each soul can formulate its own life plan, with the help and advice of teachers and the Great Council. Our choices are frequently influenced by our belief that we can help change the lives of others or right great wrongs.

dream photoAfter entering the new body, the subconscious mind becomes very aware of all the challenges and obstacles the new family raises against these altruistic desires. Although the conscious mind is not aware of this, the subconscious mind knows the goals cannot be met fully, or sometimes only partially. What we learn out in our new life will not be what we expected. However, all life experiences have value. As on the physical, ordinary level of life, not all choices are wise ones. Most choices will be made out of necessity. Nevertheless, the necessary choices frequently turn out to be the wisest ones and of the most value to spiritual growth.

Karma is very much involved with reincarnation. Karma is the law of cause and effect. Every action causes a reaction that equalizes and balances. Contrary to the beliefs of the uninformed karma is not all negative. You can build up the astral equivalent of a positive balance from past lives, or even the present one. It is like having a spiritual bank account. We can add to it by positive experiences and morals, or we can be forced to pay for negative experiences and morals.

The best way to know what your karmic debts or credits might be is to practice visiting the Hall of Akashic Records. There, with the help of our teachers, we can look through our past lives and get glimpses of what we should or should not be doing in this life to correct any flaws. That is why all Witches should do magic with the aim of doing the least karmic damage to themselves and others.

dream photoBe careful not to fall into the trap of labeling every event in your life as karmic or the hand of destiny. Often this is a way for people to deny responsibility for their decision for fear that they might be wrong or will create an unpleasant scene. This attitude is passing the buck, just as the orthodox believers might say, “The Devil made me do it,” or “It’s God’s will and I can’t change it.” Unfortunately, the word destiny has become an excuse for not making a choice or decision, a reason for the tyrant or criminal to excuse their crimes, and for the fool to avoid standing up to the tyrant or criminal. It is rare that people do not have choices in the overall path of their lives. Some life experiences may be more difficult than others, and we may have less impact on what happens, but there are always little choices we can make to effect changes.

Some people get caught up in trying to find their “life’s purpose,” or “goal.” Every person’s purpose in life is to improve spiritually, see the truth, live it daily, and be the best person they can be.

A good life does not always follow a wretched, miserable life. Each life depends entirely upon the life plan we agree to before we incarnate. We may have several difficult lives, one after another, or we may see a varied pattern of lives through the space of many lifetimes.

Some groups believe that you can live two lives at the same time. This idea does not follow any spiritual or physical laws that I know. Unless the soul leaves a body, and the physical body is kept alive by mechanical means, it is impossible for the same soul to have been in two separate and different bodies during the same incarnation. This phenomenon has been found in certain causes of insanity and may possibly explain multiple personalities.

The only logical and meaningful reason to find out about our past lives is so we can improve the one we are living now. By truthfully remembering past lives, we can better understand ourselves, what may have influenced us, what hidden talents we may have to develop, what our past relationships with present people were, and what we need to do to grow spiritually.

The Hall of Akashic Records in the Otherworld is a beautiful, white, marble building, set in a serene landscape of ornamental pools, statues, fountains, trees, and flowers. It contains the record of every single life any person has ever lived. The Hall reminds one of a great library. Although there may be soft music playing in the background, there are no loud voices from the other figures you see. Until you are very familiar with this Hall and know how to correctly use the records, you should be accompanied by one of your teachers. This teacher will help you to find your personal records and teach you how to use the various devices that show you these records in a visual and audio form.

One of the best devices to use is a large table with a flat, or nearly flat, surface. At times, this table will appear with a slightly domed top. By activating the proper buttons (or what appear as buttons) on the edge, you can access your past lives in visual pictures complete with sound. For the first few times you visit the Hall, you may have trouble hearing any sound from these records. This seems to be normal, and the problem will disappear with practice. There also are books containing the same lives. Sometimes these will show moving pictures when opened. Other times there is a text, frequently in ancient alphabets. Your teacher-guide may need to interpret these for you. All people have many volumes, which together make up the entire sequence of their lives.

The guided meditation that follows will help you learn to find and use the Hall of Akashic Records. Each time you use this meditation to go there, the experience may be different, and the lives you see will be the ones of most value to you at the time. So be certain to consider carefully what you learned when you return. You may not see the relevance of a past life at first. With a little thought, though, the truth will reveal itself.

Take care that you see what is the truth, and not something you want to see. If you close yourself to the truth, it will not benefit you to visit the Hall of Akashic Records.


Sit comfortably in a relaxed position with your hands in your lap. Breathe slowly and deeply while telling your muscles to relax. Surround yourself with brilliant white light; breathe it in and wrap it around you.

Now see a small well before you. Drop all the negatives in your life into the well. Watch them fall down into the darkness, away from you. Walk away and leave them there.

You find yourself walking along a path across a small meadow. Not far ahead of you is a high, stone wall. The sun is warm on your skin. You smell the flowers blooming along the path. Birds sing as they dart in the breezes over the meadow. You may see animals in the tall grass, but none of them will harm you.

You follow the path until you reach the wall. There is a gate in the wall at the end of the path. You press against it with one hand, and it opens easily. As you step inside, the gate closes behind you.

Before you is the huge garden you visited before. You glance quickly around and see gravel paths leading off among trees, beds of flowers, and shrubbery. In the distance are the shimmering forms of beautiful buildings. One of your teachers comes toward you, smiling and happy to see you again.

The two of you talk as the teacher guides you deeper into the garden. Through the trees you see a white, marble building with fluted, tall columns across the front. Soon you are climbing the seven steps to the doors that are opened wide to the pleasant garden outside. Over this entrance are carved the words “Hall of Akashic Records.” Inside the building you see tier after tier of shelves, with stairs to each level. The shelves are all full of books. The main floor before you has rows of tables with comfortable chairs arranged around them. Along both sides of the room are larger tables with strange, glass-like tops. There are many other people here, all intent upon reading the books or gazing into the viewing tables. Sitting at four desks on raised platforms, and spaced about the room, are several people whose job it is to help.

Your teacher takes you to the section that holds the volumes of your past lives. You are allowed to choose one volume. You take it back with you to one of the tables. You and your teacher look through the book. The teacher helps you to understand many things about the life you are viewing. Then the teacher takes you to one of the viewing tables, where the two of you watch this life in moving form. Take all the time you need to absorb important facts from this life and see how it applies to your present incarnation. Ask your teacher any questions you wish.

At last, the teacher takes you back to the gate and bids you farewell. You push against the gate until it swings open. In the air before you is the bright outline of a door. You step through the door and find yourself back in your physical body. You open your eyes, and the meditation is ended.

It may take you time to fully understand the effects of this past life on your present life. However, with introspection, you will see the connection. You can use this meditation to return to the Hall innumerable times, looking into a different past life at each visit.

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