How Stones Speak To Us

[elfsight_countdown_timer id=”1"]Since the beginning of human use of ritual and magic, stones have played an important part in religion. Archaeologists have found unpolished and uncut stones in many Neolithic graves. These were primarily worn as necklaces and pendants. Later, during periods of more sophisticated jewelry-making, stones were polished and faceted to wear in earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and crowns or tiaras. People chose stones first for their magical and spiritual qualities, second for their look.

Witches still use many stones to surround candles during candle-burning spells, add to bags with herbs for protection and health, inset into poppets for health, prosperity, or binding, and wear in jewelry to attract all kinds of magical vibrations into their lives. Sometimes Witches have a bag of special stones without artificial markings that they use for divination. Certain stones are also placed in readily available places around the home and used as energy correctors and worry stones.

stones photoWitches still use many stones to surround candles during candle-burning spells, add to bags with herbs for protection and health, inset into poppets for health, prosperity, or binding and wear in jewelry to attract all kinds of magical vibrations into their lives. Sometimes Witches have a bag of special stones without artificial markings that they use for divination. Certain stones are also placed in readily available places around the home and used as energy correctors and worry stones.

The following list of stones will help you to decide which to use during specific rituals and spells. I have included only those stones that are the least expensive and easiest to obtain. Some stones, such as clear quartz crystals, are frequently set on the altar to help amplify any energy that is raised during a ritual.

Various fossils have been used by humans as charms for centuries. Fossils and raw amber were the first stones humans picked up in nature and learned to use.

Shepherd’s crown, Sea urchin: The fossilized shepherd’s crown, or sea urchin, is heart-shaped, with a five-pointed pattern on the top. It may have also been known as the glane-stone of the Druids. It was used to avert the evil eye and bad luck.

Sand dollar: The fossil sand dollar, or witch-stone, was for protection and good luck. These have a natural hole in them, giving them much the same qualities as holey stones. They are helpful in all spells, as they represent the Elements.

Turitella: Black agate dotted with tiny gray and white fossils. You can use them in spells for making adjustments to changes or neutralizing fear.

Ammonites: The remains of spiral-shaped sea creatures. At one time they were known as snakestones or dragonstones. This fossil is useful when treading the spiral path during past-life meditations.

Tigillite: Worm tunnels that were fossilized. They are used in spells to heal, calm, and rebalance after crises.

Belemnite, Cephalopod: Fossil known used for luck; another name for this fossil was the thunderstone.

Amber: Fossilized tree sap, approximately one hundred twenty million years old. It comes in several colors, ranging from orange and red to the rare colors of blue and green. Amber containing insects, leaves, and other foreign matter has the highest value, except for the rare colors. Magical uses for amber are prosperity, good luck, protection, helping to uncover past lives, communication with spiritual teachers, and healing.

Jet and amber were sometimes worn together to bring luck and give protection. Today, many Wiccan priestesses wear necklaces of jet and amber as a symbol of their position in a group, such as a High Priestess.

Jet: Jet is fossilized wood buried millions of years ago. It is usually a waxy black color. It is very difficult to tell true jet from plastic, so buy only from a reputable dealer. At one time it was called Black Amber, because, like amber, jet will have a small static electrical charge when rubbed with a cloth. Jet is useful in drawing negative energy out of a person’s aura, understanding karmic issues, and bringing up psychic talents.

Holey stones: Stones found with natural holes through them. Also called the hag stone, it is said to prevent nightmares if hung above a bed. A Celtic tradition says to look through a holey stone if you want to see Fairies and ghosts. Holey stones are carried to attract luck and to repel evil.

Geodes: Hollow nodules filled with crystals and mineral deposits; they are usually cut in half to produce a small cave-like stone. They are useful for past-life meditations.

Amethyst: A very popular stone in jewelry with its attractive purple color. It is usually sold in single crystal points, much as clear quartz crystal is, although it can be purchased in clusters. This stone can enhance psychic abilities, heal, facilitate communications with the Otherworld, strengthen the power of divination tools, attract love, bring good fortune, and protect from black magic.

Aventurine: Usually sold in the green color, although it does come in dark red, peach, and brown. It has a calming and balancing vibration that makes it useful in personal healing of mental or emotional problems. As an amplifier of creative inspiration, it is useful to those in the fields of the arts. It also attracts love and prosperity.

Bloodstone: A dark green stone with red flecks. It is not popular for jewelry as it is not as flashy as crystal or gemstones. However, bloodstone has a long history in magic. It brings good things to the wearer, as well as protection. It can attract good fortune with finances and tear down walls to gain success.

Carnelian: An orange or reddish-orange stone of the chalcedony family. It was widely used in ancient magic and medicine. A powerful stone, it reflects any spells directed at you. It is one of the best fast-acting stones for career progress. Use it to protect from ill-wishing and evil, heal family problems, remember astral journeys, and strengthen concentration.

Chrsyocolla: A blue-green or turquoise-blue stone that is rarely found in jewelry. It is valuable when releasing old resentments, dealing with anger and fear, letting go of tension, and removing blocks to creativity.

Chrysoprase: An apple-green stone that can lead to the truth in personal problems, soothe the emotions, and attract prosperity.

Fluorite: Frequently found with more than one color to a stone. It is a powerful healer that can cleanse the aura, cut off astral-emotional ties with other people, and help with rebalancing. It also is useful to establish communications with Otherworld beings, such as Fairies and nature spirits.

Garnet: A popular stone for jewelry because of its color range from bright ruby-red to the purple-red. The garnet is a powerful protector, as it deflects negativity and spells. It also can lift depression and open up your life for business success.

Hematite: A black or iron-gray stone with a metallic luster. It will repel and dissolve negativity, thus breaking up stress. Traditionally, it is used in spells for a favorable outcome to lawsuits and court cases. All modern marcasite is actually hematite.

Jade: Although we primarily think of jade as being green, it also comes in a wide variety of other colors. It deflects negative vibrations, attracts good fortune, calms, heals, and helps one to remember dreams.

Jasper: Usually marketed in the brick-red color. It is very powerful for adding energy to spells and repelling magical attacks.

Lapis lazuli: A stone used for many centuries by ancient cultures. Its vibrations are so high that it is best used by people who are on a dedicated spiritual path. It balances, releases tension, calms, increases psychic talents, and aids in communicating with deities and Otherworld beings.

Malachite: A two-tone green stone that will amplify any energy you are feeling at the moment. So if you are tense or overemotional, do not wear malachite. However, it also is good for strengthening intuition and the psychic, attracting love and money, and repelling evil.

Black obsidian: A stone with a long history of being used for scrying and divination. It will absorb and transmute negative energy. If placed near money, it will multiply it.

Onyx: Although most frequently marketed as a black stone, it also comes in brown and creamy white. It repels negative vibrations, calms, and helps to recall past lives.

Pyrite: A gold metallic stone that is also called fool’s gold. Use it for calming tense relationships or business problems.

Clear quartz crystal: A very popular stone and familiar to everyone. Amethyst, rose quartz, and smoky quartz are part of the same family. This stone is an all-purpose healer, an enhancer of energy and the psychic, a divination aid as with a crystal ball, and a talisman for attracting good fortune. Rose quartz works best to attract love and good health, while smoky quartz breaks up subconscious blocks and negativity.

Tiger’s eye: Ordinarily sold as a golden brown stone with cat’s eye qualities. It is excellent for protection against evil spells and negativity. It also helps to attract good luck, reveal the truth in any situation, and bleed off excess energy.

Green tourmaline: An excellent healer and attractor of money, while watermelon tourmaline can remove conflicts and confusion.

Turquoise: Another stone revered and used by ancient cultures. Because of its high spiritual vibrations, turquoise can increase psychic powers and help one to communicate clearly with the Otherworld.

All stones should be cleansed by holding them under cool, running water when you get them home. Dry thoroughly. Those purchased in shops may take more than one cleansing to remove all the vibrations left on them by other people.



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