A Spell for Home Business Prosperity

Here’s a simple Tarot spell you can use to help increase the prosperity of a home business.

Items: Ace of wands – III of wands – IV of wands – IX of Pentacles

Ritual: Lay out the IV of Wands -visualize your business starting -lots of customers – generally busy, working hard, smiling as you do so. Lay out the ace of wands – visualizing pouring your energy into this enterprise – if you have any tools of your trade (example artist paintbrushes) handle them as you do so. Lay out the III of wands, picture a typical working day at your new company answering the phone -all the business you need and want, picture the little things. Lay out the IX of pentacles envision the ultimate security you have achieved thru this business and the satisfaction you have gained -see yourself smiling and content. Say the following as you lay out the final card:

“With this spell, I bring power to my resolve I start my own business I enjoy the advantages and benefits of making my home my place of business as I start this business not only do I cast this spell but I also work unceasingly to make my business a success. I have chosen the work I enjoy and business will be good. As I cast this spell – I cast forth my will – I charge this spell to make the word of my product spread. Let those who use my product be attracted to me and see what I have to offer. In this way, the ends I desire shall be achieved comfort security and contentment. So be it. ”
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