Take his Quick Quiz To Find Your Witchy Personality Number

Numerology has long been a part of the witches divination tools.

Here’s a simple exercise that will reveal your personality Number and the traits associated with it.


Let’s suppose your name is SUSAN DOE. You find your name number by adding together all the numbers that correspond to the letters in your name until you reach a number from 1 to 9. Let’s see what Susan Doe’s name number comes out to be, using the chart.

S=1, U=3, S=1, A=1, N=5, D=4, O=6, E=5

1 + 3 + 1 + 1 + 5 + 4 + 6 + 5 = 26.

Now we reduce 26 to a single digit by adding the digits together: 2 + 6 = 8. Susan Doe’s name now translates to a number 8, which denotes someone who possesses visionary powers and is highly intuitive.

Try this with your own name and see what your number says about your personality.



1: The Teacher
teacher photoIf your name number adds up to one, you are compassionate and sincere. You may feel the pain of others and want to reach out and help. You are not afraid of challenges and you’re excellent at solving problems. Friends come to you with their troubles, seeking guidance and help. You are a deep thinker who teaches by example, so expect to spend a lot of time deep in thought. There is an imaginative and bright side to your nature, making you able to achieve anything you set your mind to.

On the negative side, you can be either extremely bossy or awfully shy, so try and find a balance somewhere in between. You may also have a tendency to leap before you look, so slow down and try not to be so impulsive.

2: The Nurturer
mother photoTwos see the best in everyone and are very tolerant when dealing with people’s faults. You may feel that you have a kinship with those less fortunate than yourself, so you try

to lift people’s spirits by offering hope and optimism. Having two as your personal number means that you are wise, understanding, and sensitive. You have a harmonious aura that makes your personality magnetic. You are altruistic and nurturing, and you have leadership qualities that allow others to feed off your positivity.

At times you tend to hold back and not stick up for yourself. The lesson here is to try and become more assertive.

3: The Wise One
wise photoThrees are the first people friends and loved ones turn to for advice. Threes’ innate wisdom is always dependable, always available. When presented with life’s problems or challenges, you don’t run a mile in the opposite direction; rather, you face them head-on. Animals and nature play an important part in your life, and you will undoubtedly have a pet or two at some stage. You are charismatic, charming, positive, and determined. You are also gentle and wise beyond your years and have the ability to make everyone feel good.

Self-indulgence could be a problem, especially if you like your food and creature comforts. You also hate vigorous routine, so a monotonous job is not for you. Instead, you prefer a career that is changeable and imaginative.

4: The Seeker
seek photoFours are quick wits! You have a tendency to look at everything under a finely tuned microscope and to be extremely analytical of others. Your earnest desire is to explore life and seek alternative roads to travel; you love to think up new ways of doing things. Like a three, you are a social creature and love being around people and animals. Stability and security are important in your life and you always aim to make everything harmonious around you. Like a star, you’ll shine when you walk into a room, as others will find your communication skills captivating and interesting.

On a negative note, you could be a tad materialistic, paying more attention to possessions than you really should. Make an effort more often to share with others around you what you have.

5: The Magnet
magnetic photoIf your name number makes you a five, you are one confident and self-assured person. You have a heightened sense of intuition, coupled with a talent for healing others with your touch or voice. You revel in daydreaming, allowing your thoughts to take you to distant places, but putting your thoughts into action is second nature too. You have the ability to start off with a dream, meet the challenges necessary to turn that dream into reality, and become a great success in life.

Consistency and stability are all-important to you, but even so, your love of adventure and travel play a huge role in your life, so expect to be jetting off to interesting locales.

There is something secretly special about you that others are drawn to. Your magnetic personality is an asset that will serve you well in life, but because you can be restless at times and become easily bored, you need to be mentally challenged, learning new skills to keep you grounded and in tune with earthly matters.

6: The Realist
realist photoOh, boy, are sixes strong-minded and assertive! You certainly stick to your guns when you know you are right, and you rarely back down. You are there for anyone who needs you and are generous with your time and money, but to cross you is a big mistake. If pushed too far, you tend to be unforgiving and you stand your ground. You’re patient up to a point, but no fool either.

Balance and order are enormously important to you, so your home is tidy and clean. Quiet times are essential for your peace of mind, and you love to bury your nose in a good book and lock yourself away for an hour or two.

Failure is not a word in your vocabulary. If you are faced with a challenge, you tackle it with vigor. You take a realistic view when beginning new projects, and you have the energy needed to get them done, but you should try not to be too opinionated and should try to understand that everyone has to go through life at their own pace.

7: The Visionary
vision photoHere we have an individual who is blessed with extraordinary abilities to see the future. You have excellent communication skills and you delight in a career that involves interacting with others.

You have a tremendous potential to right life’s wrongs, and you may get angry or irritated when things are out of your control. Being an idealist, you have to be careful not to shoulder everyone’s burdens; otherwise, you’ll burn yourself out. You are sensitive, caring, and steady on your feet, but you can be thrown off balance by negative vibrations. Ambitious to the hilt, you’re not afraid to branch out and reach your goals.

The downside of a seven personality? You may be a bit of a loner and perhaps even perceived as being aloof. If this bothers you (some people like to cultivate an air of mystery, others don’t), just flash your grin. Smiles always warm up other people.

8: The Prophet
prophet photoYou are a complicated and interesting creature. To begin with, you are born with a sixth sense, but you need to develop your psychic focus to receive any messages that the universe sends to you. You have a tremendous ability to see beyond what is written and interpret what is not seen by the human eye. The prophet personality is strong-willed and determined and feels a need to change the world. Not only do you have a deep understanding of other people’s needs, you’re a delicate flower yourself, requiring nurturing and love.

Your mind is like an airplane propeller always in motion, churning around new ideas, and this makes you a person who sets trends and fashions. Your faults? You may push people aside if they stand in the way of your goals.

9: The Analyst
analyze photoAnalytical nines have no time to be bored. For you, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done! You have a practical and methodical nature and are loyal and sincere. You’re quick to learn and always put your thoughts into action to create an orderly and productive life.

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