“Kitten Witch” – How a witch got her familiar

Here’s a great video, posted more for fun than for education.

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Can I help you? I’m looking for a witch called … Zoe.

Yep, that’s me. I’m here for the job as a familiar. Alright, In you come. What’s your name? Fredegund de Bourges the 3rd My grandmother worked with Mistress Radegund This is my grandmother’s collar. You can call me Freda How soon do you turn?

In two days I couldn’t stand being a normal cat for the rest of my life. I’d do anything to be a familiar. Including flying by yourself? What else can you do? I have some natural abilities. Not there yet, honey. Sorry. What do I do now? Well, the process from here is I mix you a potion to cement you as my familiar otherwise come tomorrow night all your powers will vanish.

I got the job? Your test is to gather ingredients. They are hard to find and they have to be the right ones. I’m ready. I bet you are. The first thing on your list is slime of an Indrella snail on a radula seed. Then the tail of a Blue-Tailed Skink. The shell from a hermit crab on the remote island of Iti Motu and finally the whisker of a cave weta. A cave weta? Yes, just one. I can do it. Good, good luck. Indrella snail on a radula seed. You’re hungry aren’t you, come on… Tail of a blue tailed skink… Blue tail Ooh hey, no no don’t do that! Oh my.

I don’t have all day. Come on. Iti Moto and there’s a hermit crab. What the hey?! Stop right there! That’s my shell Woah, now that’s a nice upgrade That’s enough, let go, please. Sorry I’m in here Are you done? Nearly Just one to go. My bag was getting full. Here you go In there. Good. Good. Just the weta antenna left. Those caves are pitch black, but you can see in the dark, right? Seeing them doesn’t help. Pardon? No, no it’s fine Freda You sure you want to be a familiar? Yes I’m sure I’ve been training for this all my life. You know you remind me a bit If you were human you would be a witch. Me? A witch? Really? Best be off. There’s not much time left. And Freda! You need to pull the whole thing out.

We need the root tissue as well. Got it. Is that for me? Just in time. Have you got it? Here we go. Perfect Time to come clean. This potion doesn’t do what I said it would. This will turn you into a human. Freda With your talents you deserve to be a witch Not just a familiar I knew it the moment I saw you, and you know it too. This should be enough. It’s now of never. Your choice. Oh my. What? What happened?! I don’t know. A mirror! Quickly! I love it. I look amazing. A little kitten witch! That is better than any familiar. Zoe… There’s one thing I need to tell you. I may have not got that last ingredient quite right.

Sometimes… you just have to improvise..

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