Controlling the Wind: A Simple Spell

This is a simple spell to help you exercise your focus and concentration by calling and controlling the wind.  While you will have both a candle and a feather for this spell, the point isn’t to snuff out the candle or levitate the feather; you need to concentrate on directing the wind’s energy to do your will.

You’ll need:

  • A candle (I prefer white, but use the color that speaks to you)
  • A feather (again, use the type of feather that feels right to you)
  • A quiet closed off area

The Process:

  • If it’s part of your process, cast a circle as you normally would. Because you are working specifically with the wind, you may want to be sure to invite the Guardian of the East into your circle.
  • Ground and center yourself before lighting the candle.
  • Move your awareness to the feather but put your focus on the air around you. As you breathe in, call the wind to you and as you exhale direct your incantation “move by wind” to the feather.  As you are calling the wind to you, you may see the flame of your candle moving.  If this happens, just reassert your focus and move the wind to the feather instead.  The flickering flame should reassure you that you are indeed calling the wind but it is being misdirected so move it back to the feather.
  • Once you have finished the working, give yourself a few minutes to bring your energy and focus back into yourself. If you cast a circle, thank those who came to help you and close your circle as you normally would.  Reflect on what you accomplished for a moment before moving on with your day.  This is also a good time to write about what you did and what you learned so that you can track your progress.

Learning to control the wind is going to stretch and challenge you, so be prepared for a little “muscle” ache as you learn to use muscles you haven’t spent much time exercising before now.  As you continue to work with this spell, challenge yourself by taking it outside.  You can also try focusing on using the wind to snuff out the candle; again, be sure you’re focusing on the wind rather than on the flame.

This spell takes a lot of concentration and willpower, but both will grow as you exercise them.   Remember, while this spell works for me you may have to adapt it so that it will work for you.

Blessed be!


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