Animal Protection Spells


Whether your animals stay in with you or go out, it’s important to protect them.  When you put a protection spell around your pets, you’ll feel more at ease because you’ll know they’re safe and protected.  From time to time, I also find the need to cast protections on wild animals; I find the last spell can be effective because you don’t actually need to be close to the animal to cast it.  Here are three protection spells that I’ve had success with but as always, make these spells your own before you cast them!

Animal Protection Spell Number One:

Prepare yourself as you normally do for spell work (meditation, cleansing, etc. though you don’t necessarily need to cast a circle) and plan to do this spell when your pet is calm and relaxed.  You’ll need some Moon Water or consecrated water for this spell. Once everything is ready, say something like the following incantation three times:

My Lord and Lady, Protectors of everything under the moon and on the earth, Please shield (name your pet/pets) from all harm and hurt. Watching over (him/her/them) by day and night, Let my pet(s) have a life free from stress and strife. As I will it, so mote it be!

Each of the three times you finish the incantation, rub one drop of the Moon Water onto your pet’s/pets’ forehead. You may only get one drop on, especially if you’re blessing a cat, so be mindful of your animal’s comfort levels. The spell will still be effective with just one drop, but I would recommend keeping the Moon Water handy and adding the other two drops as your pet allows.

Animal Protection Spell Number 2:

Again, prepare yourself as you normally do for spellwork.  Because you don’t need your animal with you, if you feel more comfortable casting a circle, do so.

For this spell you’ll need:

  • A candle (choose the color that feels right to you)
  • Some of your pet’s favorite treats
  • A picture of your pet
  • A piece of paper that you’ve written your concerns about your pet on
  • A fireproof bowl

What to do:

  • Light the Candle.
  • Set the pet treats on the altar in front of the candle.
  • Holding the picture of your pet, focus on your love for him/her for a few minutes before thinking about your concerns.
  • Say something like:

Spirit of fire burning bright, give protection to (your pet’s name) this night. Moon above, please watch and keep him/her safe from harm. Earth below, may your animal spirits defend (your pet’s name) and keep him/her warm. As I will it, so mote it be!

  • Take the list of concerns you have for your pet and light them with the candle, letting them burn out in the fireproof bowl.
  • Pass the treats through the candle’s flame, close your spell as you normally do (thank those you invoked, close the circle, etc.) and then feed the treats to your pet.

Animal Protection Spell Number 3:

Sometimes you need to cast a protection spell on a pet that isn’t physically with you or on a wild animal.  If I’m away from home and worrying about my cat, I’ll cast this spell on him.  I’ll also cast it on an animal I feel is in need for some reason (sometimes I’ll see a hawk flying and feel it is in need of protection).  You don’t need anything for this spell but your focus and intention.

Find a quiet space to concentrate and start meditating.  Picture the animal or pet you’re protecting and see them surrounded by a white light.  Once you’re comfortable with this image, repeat something like this three times:

(Your pet’s name, or the type of animal) is protected and safe.   No harm or sickness can come to this animal.   As I will it, so mote it be!



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