Consecration Ritual

When you cleanse your tools, you’re emptying or releasing all of the energies in them.  When you then consecrate the cleansed tools, you’re filling them with the energy you need them to have for your magical practice.  All tools, from your altar cloth to your wand should be consecrated before you use them.  Look at it like this: until you cleanse them, your tools contain unknown energies which can wreak havoc on your spell and ritual work.  Until you consecrate them, they are empty vessels waiting to be filled.  Make sure you fill your tools with the right energy before you use them!

This ritual is generally done on a full or new moon, but you need to do this ritual when you feel your strongest.  You can consecrate a single tool or multiple tools at the same time.  You’ll need a small ritual space (it doesn’t have to be your altar…I like to go out on my deck to consecrate my tools directly under the moon), a candle (use the color that feels right for you; I also like to rub either sage or rosemary essential oil on my candles when doing this ritual), a sage smudge stick, sea salt, and spring water.  You’ll want to have separate dishes for each element.

The first thing you’ll need to do is set up your ritual space.  I gather my tools and ingredients, smudge the space, and then cast my circle (you want to have all of the required elements in the circle with you so that you don’t break the circle going to get them).  I have a table set up with each element on its corresponding compass point (salt to the north, the smoking smudge stick to the east, the lit candle to the south, and water to the west).

Once you’re set up, you’re ready to get started.  Take a few minutes to meditate so that your mind is clear and focused.  For my practice, the next step is to invoke the Goddess and God, but if this isn’t part of your path, just skip this step.  Essentially, I invoke both the Goddess and the God as well as the guardians of the four sacred corners to lend me their power, strength, and protection while I work.

Take each tool in your hands and…

  • Say something like “I consecrate this [tool] for magical purposes. It is released from all of its worldly energy to carry the energy of all the elements.”
  • Sprinkle the tool with salt and say “by earth it is blessed.” Visualize the power of earth filling it.
  • Sprinkle the tool with water and say “by water it is blessed.” Visualize it being filled with the power of water.
  • Pass the tool over the candle flame and say “by the fire it is blessed.” Visualize the flame’s energy filling the tool with its power.
  • Pass the tool through the sage smoke and say “by air it is blessed.” Visualize the smoke filling the tool with air’s power.

Once you have done this with each tool you’re consecrating, repeat and clarify your intention.  Hold your hands over your tool(s) and say “I consecrate these tools for magical purposes.  May they bring me health, wisdom, and transformation.  These tools are consecrated by all the elements and the will of the gods.  An’ it harm none, so mote it be.”

Close your circle (if using) in your usual way, taking care to thank both elements and Goddess and God.  As with any spell or ritual that you find, this is just a starting point for you.  Each of us has a unique connection to the energies around us, so take what works for you from my example and leave the rest behind.

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