Psychic Psmychic!

How do you know a psychic is the real deal or not?  Do you base your measurements on how accurate you perceive them to be?  If a psychic told you that you’ll get the boy/girl of your dreams, have a fabulous career, and be adored by millions but none of these things happen, the psychic must be a fake, right?  Not necessarily, and I’ll tell you why: FREE WILL.

I know, we talk a LOT about free will but that’s because it’s freaking important!  Regardless of the path you walk, whether you’re the reader or the one getting the reading, free will impacts everything in our lives.  Free will makes life fluid because every choice we make changes the options that will become available to us.  Oh, you get that?  Right, it’s been drummed into our heads since we were kids…so if you get it, why do you measure a psychic against the results?  Need me to connect the dots?

When you get a reading, the reader is essentially getting a bead on where you’ve been, where you are now, and the MOST LIKELY outcomes for where you will be should you continue on your current path.  I say “most likely” because you’re still making choices that can affect where you actually end up.  I can see you nodding your heads, thinking that if you get a good reading you just need to sit back and let it happen.  Wrong!  That is a choice that will change your path thus changing the outcome.  Not really seeing it yet are you?  Let’s try an example.

Let’s say you want to know if you’ll get an A on a test (we’ve all been through some kind of test…which is why I chose this example…by the way, there’ll be a quiz at the end of the article – psych!).  I pull out my handy-dandy divination tool of choice (tarot cards, Witch runes, pendulum, crystal ball, and so on and so forth) and learn that you are a good student and that you work hard to earn what you desire, so I’m confident that you’ll pass with no problems.  I tell you all of this but all you hear is that you’ll pass so you’re happy and decide to give yourself a break from all of the studying and hard work (you know, those things that were putting you on the path to passing the test), after all, you’re going to ace it!  You end up doing poorly on the test and blame the “fake psychic” when the fault is yours because you changed your path by making choices that took you from it.

By the same token, if you get an answer you don’t like, it doesn’t mean you have to accept it.  Let’s say the test taker above was given a different answer.  Let’s say I saw that you don’t really put much effort into studying.  You may want an A on this test but you haven’t put in the work to earn it, so I tell you that if you stay on your current path, if you do what you normally do, you won’t get the outcome you’re looking for.  Even Einstein knew that “if you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got.”  So you can either à accept defeat OR my personal favorite à change your fate/fortune/future/options.  If you decide you really want to excel on the test, if you put in the work and effort, you will change the outcome!

Our lives are not written in stone (fluid is the polar opposite of stone, don’t you think?), so there are no absolutes.  When you ask questions like “will I marry again” or “does X like me,” any psychic can give you an answer, but a good one will tell you that the answer is based on where you are now but that it can change if you decide to change your path.  Sometimes, there may not even be an answer (remember the Magic 8 Ball and it’s “ask again later” response?) because YOU haven’t decided what you want yet.

Psychics and divination aren’t absolute, and what you get from them should be used as guidance, not guarantees.  Before you say “psychic psmychic” one more time, make sure you understand YOUR role in the process.  Divination isn’t going to lock in your future any more than magick can solve all of your problems.  Maybe if more people understood that, I wouldn’t have to mumble “Smoad TOAD” under my breath so often! 

Blessed be!


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