Creating Magic Candles

When conducting rituals or casting spells, candles are an integral part of everything we do.  They provide the element of fire, a focal point for our thoughts, and even a means of sending those thoughts into the ether by burning them.  It is absolutely ok to buy magical candles, but you can easily make the candles you have magical.  Even if you’re buying handmade candles from a reputable Witch, you’ll want to infuse them with your own intentions and energy before using them.

Whether you buy handmade candles, make your own, or pick some up from the Dollar Store, the process for imbuing a candle with magic is the same.  If I purchase candles rather than make them myself, before I use them I cleanse them by smudging them or putting them under the full moon overnight.  When you’re working magic, you want to ensure that your energy is the only one at work.  When there is an unknown energy hiding in the candle, it can bring surprises that can cause problems with how your spell manifests (think of heating water for tea in a pan that had last cooked hotdogs…trust me, hot dog flavored tea was not what I intended).  Remember, regardless of whether the outcome of your spell is what you intended or not, YOU are still responsible, so take the time to cleanse candles that need it!

Once you’ve chosen your candles (in the colors that speak to you and your intention) and have cleansed them, you’re ready to fill them with your intentions. Start with “seasoning” your candles so that they are receptive vessels.  You can do this is by rubbing essential oils into the surface of your candles; I also like to rub candles with fresh herbs central to my spell.  If symbols help you focus, take a small knife or tool and inscribe them into each candle; if you work with sigils, they work, too.  If you choose one of these options, combine them, or find something completely different that works for you, the key part of the process is focusing on your intention and moving it into the candle.  Speaking an incantation, pushing your intention through your hands as you handle the candle, even breathing your intention onto the surface of the candle are all ways to achieve this goal.

Our intention, when focused, can help us get energies aligned so that we can achieve our goals.  The beauty of adding candles to our practices is that they give us a focal point to line up with.  When you infuse the candles you use with your own energy and intention, you have created a powerful tool for change.  You have the power within you to create magic!

Bright Blessings!


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