The Found Stone

Our ancestors, the witches who came before us, understood and respected the inherent power in the world around us.  Sources of unlimited power were all around them, waiting to be tapped into and redirected.  The flowing stream, the blustery wind, leaves, grass, and even the stones underfoot all held power.  Like our ancestors, we too can draw power from that which can be found and made.

One such item, the found stone, has been around each of us throughout our lives.  Have you ever had a pebble get suck in your shoe?  Have you ever kicked a stone down the sidewalk?  What about that stone that your bare foot finds?  These small stones are messengers put into your path for some specific purpose.  Think back to childhood and remember the “treasures” you would stuff into your pockets to bring home to show your parents?  I still have some of the rocks my children brought me!

Just like crystals, the found stone is imbued with an energy very well suited for spells and rituals.  Not only do they come with an inherent malleable energy, they come into your life purposefully.  Have you ever been out walking and picked up a rock?  What about that single stone drew your attention?  Why that stone when there were so many others around?  When a stone crosses your path, it’s almost as though it’s on a mission to lend you its energy, its power!

These little treasures can be used as protective charms, divination aids, healing aids, etc.  Feel the energy and let it tell you how and where to use it.  Like clear Quartz crystals, found stones can be programmed for any use by cleansing and charging it.

Once you’ve found your stone (or stones…I can’t go on hikes these days without bringing pockets full of stones home with me), start with physically cleaning the stone.  When you do this, be open to any impressions you get from the stone; it may reveal its purpose to you at this stage.  Once the stone is physically clean, feel its energy to see if you need to take the cleansing a step further.  If so, immerse the stone in water while rubbing it with your hands.  Let your energy transfer from your hands to the stone, cleansing it of any residual counterproductive energies.  When you remove the stone from the water, those discarded energies will remain in the water.

The next step is to charge your stone, preparing it for magical use.  Make sure you know what you want to use the stone for.  As you’re charging the stone focus on a single magical goal for the energy it contains.  When you’re trying to do too much with a single stone (and this applies to any magical charging), the magic can get muddled because the energy doesn’t have a clear channel for action.  Hold your stone firmly in your dominant hand while you close your eyes and center yourself.  Vocalize your intention for the stone (i.e. “I charge this stone for protection” or “this stone will radiate happiness and joy”).  Focus on your intention and push that energy into the stone.  You’ll feel the energy rise in your hand, perhaps manifesting as a tingle or a warmth.  Hold tight to your intention until the energy in your hand changes (the heat may cool or the tingling stop).  Be open to what is happening because it may evolve differently for you than it does for me.  Once that energy changes, your stone is charged and ready to be used.

Carry your charged stone in your pocket, add it to a charm bag, use it in conjunction with candle spells, and so on.  Your stone is versatile and ready to assist you in a variety of magical ways.  The world around us is filled with magic and wonder, and your found stone is a tangible reminder of how accessible that magical energy and power is to each of us.

Blessed be!


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