Will I Ever….

As a Witch, I get a lot of questions that start out with “will I ever…”  This is so difficult to answer because life is fluid (a “the choices you make today affect the choices you have available to make tomorrow” kind of thing).  Generally, I can see the path you’re on now and where it will likely lead but no one can tell you whether you will ultimately end up because we can’t see the choices you’re going to be making in the future.

Let’s say you work hard and want to know if you’re “ever going to have prosperity.”  Given the path I can see, that you work hard, I can see prosperity in your future.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be bumps along the way, that you won’t have to make adjustments as you move forward to ensure you reach your goals, and it doesn’t mean that you can stop doing what you’re doing (all of that hard work that’s leading you to prosperity) and wait for prosperity to come your way.

And if you’re working your ass off but still feel like you can’t keep your head above water much less achieve prosperity?  I would advise you to think about where you want to be, rather than where you are, and then look for ways to open channels between you and what you want.  Energy moves along an open pathway, and prosperity is just another type of energy.  If your current pathways are blocked or clogged, look at opening new ones.

While there are plenty of Witches out there who claim that they can clear these channels for you, my experience has shown that you need to do this for yourself.  There are all kinds of ways for you to open channels.  You can try casting a simple prosperity spell, carrying a cedar shaving in your wallet to attract prosperity, or even something mundane like signing up for a seminar or class that will move you in the direction you want to go.  Your options are only limited by your imagination.

Whatever answer you get to your “will I ever…” questions, good or bad, remember this: the answer is the most likely outcome based on where you’re standing right this moment BUT it is NOT written in stone.  The choices you make 10 seconds from now, 10 minutes from now or even 10 years from now can change the outcome.  Ultimately, you’re the one driving.  Don’t be afraid to “stop this car and turn around” if that’s what you feel you need to do.  I believe in you so you should too!

Blessed be!



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    Nicely put, Regards!

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