Write My Own Spells?  WHAT?!?!

You read it right!  I want to talk to you about writing your own spells.  Whether you’re a seasoned Witch or new to the Craft, if the issue of spell writing hasn’t come up yet know that it will eventually.  There are plenty of spells available online, I’ve even posted several spells myself, and there isn’t anything wrong with using spells you find (though I heartily recommend adapting them to your own specific needs and practice) but doing so can have some limitations.  Aside from using a spell that maybe isn’t “just right” for your needs (remember Goldilocks?), it may call for ingredients you’re not very comfortable with.  You’ll end up adapting and making substitutions anyway, so why not write the spell yourself?

I know, the thought of writing your own spells can be intimidating, and I don’t mean just for newer Witches.  It can feel safer using spells written by Witches you feel have more experience than you do (or even more experience in the area you need to cast in).  It can even save you some time and aggravation because it can give you a good idea of what works.  Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t anything wrong with using someone else’s spells; I’m just saying that eventually, you’ll reach a point where writing it yourself is going to be your best option.

You don’t have to be a poet to write successful spells, and one of the beauties of writing your own is that you can craft the spell specifically for your practice!  Your spells will be designed around materials and tools that you have on hand (and if they’re on hand, theoretically you’ve developed a solid understanding of them).  Since you’re in the driver’s seat, you’re also making your spell as simple or complex as works for you and your own personal style of magick.

So just HOW do you write your own spell?  As with all magickal workings, the first thing you need to do is to clearly define the purpose of the spell.  What is your intent?  As you’re working to put your intent on paper (so to speak), phrase it as though what you want to happen is already true.  “I have abundance flowing through my life” rather than “bring abundance to me.”  As you’re shaping the spell, make it absolute, descriptive, and phrased so that you’re not leaving loopholes (reduces the risks for unexpected outcomes this way).  For example, “I’m 10 lbs lighter” could lead to a nasty bout of food poisoning to lose the weight, and generally, that’s not the method we have in mind for losing weight.  You’ll need to play around with these generalizations to find what works for you.  If you work with particular deities, you may need to phrase it as a request rather than absolute, but again find YOUR way.

Once you’ve focused your intent, think about what ingredients you have on hand that would help focus your intent, what kind of magick you’re comfortable working with.  Be creative!  If you have ever wondered if you can use something in a spell, give it a try.  The ingredients are there to help your focus, and if you believe it will work, then it will!  I live in the high mountain deserts of New Mexico so thorns and burs are a daily part of my life; I started collecting the thorns that showed up in the house (especially those I stepped on because they infused my spell with my own blood as well) and using them in protection spells.  I didn’t have any specific knowledge of the ingredient beyond my own belief that they would be a very strong protection element.

From this point on it’s all tweaking.  Do you like jar spells?  Knot spells? If words are your thing, use an incantation, rhymes, songs, or even chants.  Are you making a charm to carry with you?  The options for combining types of spells, tools and ingredients are only limited by your own imagination.  You may feel compelled to try something so completely “out there,” and if that happens do it!  You may find out that it’s the best spell you’ve ever tried.  Don’t be afraid of failure!  Often, we learn more from failure than we do from success.  Even in failure, you’re learning about how different combinations react to you and the magick you wield.  Keep a journal about the spells you create, how they turned out, and then tweak them and try again.  Remember, spell writing is a creative process, and like any other type of creative endeavor, the journey is just as important (and sometimes even more so) as the destination.  Be the Goldilocks of your own Craft and keep trying things until you find what’s “just right!”

Brightest blessings!




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