More Types of Water to Use

By: Patti Wigington

When you’re making your own holy water for ritual use, you may wish to use different types of water, depending on your purpose.

In many traditions, water gathered during a thunderstorm is considered powerful and potent, and can add a magical boost to any working you’re doing. Leave a jar outdoors to collect rainwater during the next storm you have in your area – and its energy will be even more effective if there’s lightning going on!

Spring water is typically purified, and can be used in rituals related to purification and protection. Morning dew – which can be collected off the leaves of plants at sunrise – is often incorporated in spellwork related to healing and beauty. Use rain water or well water for rituals of fertility and abundance – although if you’re using it in your garden, do not blend in salt.

In general, stagnant or still water is not used in the creation or use of holy water, although some folk magic practitioners do use it for other purposes, such as hexing or binding.

Finally, keep in mind that in a pinch, holy water blessed by some other religion’s deity can be used, as long as your tradition has no mandates against such a thing. If you decide to visit your local Christian church in search of holy water, be courteous and ask before dipping a jar into the font – most of the time, pastors are more than happy to let you have some water.



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