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As a Witcchan (you know, that Wiccan Witch thing I’m trying to add to our vernacular), I often get asked “tell me how to…” questions. I’m sure you know the kind…tell me how to teleport….tell me how to make so and so love me…tell me how to unlock a specific power…and so on. The net is overflowing with spells for this, that, and the other, but everyone is looking for REAL spells. I would never say anything disparaging about the spells you may find online or in a book because if the spell doesn’t work for you, it may not be the spell’s fault. For any spell to work, regardless of the source, the driving force is always going to be the caster rather than the spell being cast.

No witch, no matter how powerful, can TELL you how to do or be anything. We can guide you, certainly, but you are the one who has to put in the sweat equity, you have to earn the power or spell you’re seeking. You can’t walk up to Yo-Yo Ma and ask him to tell you how to be a master cellist and expect to become one. He could even go as far as putting the bow in your hand but until you’ve put the time into it to learn the music, the posture and positions, to actually become part of the energy the cello emits and then direct it, you will fail.

Because I’m a teacher by nature, I will never turn to someone looking for help and say, “no, go away,” so here is my guidance and direction to everyone looking for someone to tell them “how to” something “witchy.” First, you need to start with meditation. Learn to quiet and control your mind so that you can sense the energy around you, understand how it moves and where you fit into that big picture. Meditation will help you learn to detect and direct that flow of energy.

As you’re working to master meditation, and trust me this is a lifelong pursuit because it is the foundation of everything we do, read everything you can find, particularly on the subject that interests you most. For example, if teleportation is your end goal, then read everything you can find from every possible source (even science fiction sources can give you ideas about how teleportation can work). I recommend reading like this because you’re the one who is going to be pushing and pulling the energy around you, and you won’t really be able to make this work if you don’t have ideas about how it might or should work. Can you fill a cup if you don’t really understand what a cup is? Energy just IS, moving as it is directed. It’s up to you to design the “cup” you’re moving the energy into, right?

Finally, keep a journal. Find out what does and doesn’t work for YOU, and keep track of it so that you can build on that understanding. Each of us connects to the divine, to the energy around us, differently, so only you can discover your place in that connection. In any pursuit of knowledge, it is often in our failures that we find our greatest triumphs. Take a look around you…I’m sure somewhere in your line of sight you’ll see something plastic, an ACCIDENTAL invention that came out of one of Leo Baekeland’s failures to make a replacement compound for shellac. Where will your failures take you? You’ll never find out unless you try!

We’ll talk more about love spells later :), until then, Blessed be!




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