Nothing Up My Sleeves

When you hear the terms Witch and Magick, what comes to your mind?  Do you see images of shooting fireballs across the room, commanding flying monkeys, and turning people who annoy you into questionable critters?  As fun as those things seem, these fictitious powers are special effects created by Hollywood.  This disparity between the expectations and realities of magick is at the heart of disappointment and perceived failures in the Craft.  Before you approach a Witch looking for a spell that “really works” or one that comes with a 100% guarantee, it’s important to understand what magick is and how it works!

It’s really easy to see how you can feel deceived, bamboozled even when magick doesn’t work the way you expect it to!  Since the power behind any spell is the Witch casting it, let’s clarify how Witches view and use magic.  We understand that the Craft isn’t a quick and easy way to get your heart’s desires delivered to you (even Dominos stopped promising to deliver in 30 minutes or less).  To put it bluntly, nothing in the craft is going to change the color of your eyes, make you taller/thinner/younger/older, or “poof” things into existence just for you.  Magick cannot solve your problems, it can’t make all of your dreams come true so that your life is easy and perfect.  If you’re looking at the Craft for supernatural solutions for your life, you’re looking in the wrong place (sadly, not ALL Witches will tell you this!).

Rather than thinking of Witchcraft as something SUPERnatural, Witches and people who wield magick see it as absolutely, unequivocally natural!  Everything that exists has energy that Witches can tap into.  We can redirect the flow of energy around us but we still need to work within the laws of nature as we understand them.  Does this mean I can’t turn you into a toad?  Generally speaking, I would have to say no, though I won’t rule out the possibility completely.  You’re a person so you don’t have toad DNA BUT if my understanding of the laws of nature were to evolve (and my  intent strong enough) who knows what I could accomplish!  Essentially, if you want someone to turn you into – fill in the blank here…toad, wolf, dung beetle…– keep deepening your understanding of the world around you or find a Witch FRIEND who is (I emphasize friend here because you want to find someone you can trust, and well,  Witches are people…and you get the idea).

So, if we take away the flying monkeys (damn I bet they can be fun but YIKES I’d hate to clean up after them) and water down the exploding fire balls, just what CAN magick do?  What’s the point of spells if you can’t get them to do what you want? Valid questions, my friend (see, that “friend” word again, but I’m using it here because I really do have your interests at heart).  Magick is a tool, and like any other tool in your arsenal you use magick to help you achieve your goals (did you notice the phrase “help you achieve?”   This means you still have to work to get there).  Have you ever been to a gym to work out?  Think of magick as your personal trainer, there to push you, guide you, and in general line things up for your success.  Personal trainers can be tremendously helpful BUT you’re still the one sweating.  Get it?

Magick can be many things.  If you’re looking for illusion, go find a magician.  If, however, you’re looking for the real deal, come see a Witch.  When I cast spells, I’m not trying to trick the eye and I promise, there’s never anything up my sleeves but my arms!

Brightest blessings!


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