Meditation to Find Your Personal Symbol

The world around us is filled with symbols: family crests, tartan patterns, flags, signets, watermarks, logos, etc.  Symbols convey information about what they represent.  Personal symbols are a great way to remind ourselves of what we stand for, our goals, our hopes and dreams…you know, the things that are important to us.  While personal symbols can help us establish personal identification, they can also help galvanize your ideas about who you are and who you want to become.  Imagine finding a personal symbol that seems to be bigger or MORE than you see yourself; the magic in that symbol, should you choose to embrace it, can help fuel your drive to achieve those goals.

A personal symbol can:

  • Help you learn more about who you are
  • Help you Identify with nobler, higher ideals
  • Help raise your energy to meet these higher concepts
  • Help you ground and focus your intentions and beliefs

You can certainly design personal symbols but the Universe has also done this for you.  The following meditation can help you find what is already waiting for you!

The Process:

  • Do what you normally do to relax into a meditative state.  For me, moving my breaths from the soles of my feet, through my chakras and then out the top of my head as I inhale, and following the path back down for the exhales puts me into this state.
  • Once relaxed, I want you to visualize a staircase.  There will be three sets of seven steps with a landing between each set.  What does your staircase look like?  Is it enclosed or out in the open?  What are the steps made of?  What kind of light is there?  Take a few moments to solidify your vision.
  • Before you take that first step up, set your intention that you will find your symbol at the top of the stairs.
  • Now, just walk up the stairs, pausing at each landing to reassert your intention.  For example, “in 14 more steps, I will find my personal symbol.”
  • When you reach the top, the first thing you see will be your personal symbol.  Take a few moments to really explore it both visually and psychically.  What are you feeling?  What is it telling you?  If it’s unclear, ask it to solidify.  It may take you some time to decode the full meaning, but that’s part of the process, part of the journey.

As you evolve as a Witch, watch how your personal symbol adapts and grows with you!  Use it in your magick, to mark your tools, to decorate your Book of Shadows, and so on.  Your personal symbol can help you not only know who you are but help you strive to be who you want to become!



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