Make Your Own Clay Offerings

Many of us make it a habit to give something back to nature for the gifts she gives to us.  For example, I like to leave small gifts for the branches, rocks, and feathers I find when I’m out hiking.  The gifts can be as simple as a sharing a drink from my water bottle or something a little more complex like making lovely air-dry stones and leaving them as your offering.

You’ll need:

  • 2 cups baking soda
  • 1 cup corn starch
  • 1 ½ cups cold water

Optional: herbs, spices, petals, etc. to mix into the clay (some ideas are rosemary, lavender, rose petals torn into pieces, marigold petals, cinnamon, cloves, thyme, and so on); go with combinations that feel right to you or leave the clay unadorned!

The process:

In a medium pot, mix the cornstarch and the soda. Gradually, add water and mix well. Cook on medium heat, mixing periodically, until the mixture begins to look like playdough. Take it out of the pot, let it cool down.

Once the clay has cooled take it out of the pan and divide the clay into 3-4 chunks.  For each chunk squeeze the herbs/spices/petals you want into the dough, working it completely through.  As you’re working with the clay, be sure to focus on gratitude, love, connectivity, and other similar emotions; infuse the clay with your intent.  The clay should feel really smooth (and if you’re tactile like me, you’ll probably play with it for a while before you start making your gifts!).

From here, you just start shaping the clay.  Your options are limited only by your imagination!  Make little stones to leave on the ground, small ornaments to hang from trees, press flowers into clay disks, press patterns into the clay, inscribe inspiring words into the clay, and so on.

My only advice is to stick with natural ingredients so that your gift doesn’t hurt any of the very beings you’re thanking!  Beyond thanking the divine, nature, etc. you could also really brighten someone’s day if they find your offering!  Blessings!






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