Knot Magic and the Witch

As interest in magic and spell casting has increased since the dawning of The New Age, so the interest in this ancient form of magic has intensified and once again magic makers are turning to it more and more.

It has its roots in Mesopotamia where two or three thousand years ago, mystics would tie knots in a cord and focus their energies on it.

A suitable incantation was chanted while the knots were being tied and as the knots were untied, thus releasing the power of the spell. Knot magic is thought to have been mainly used for healing, exorcism and banishing negativity and historians believe that after the spell had been cast, the rope was burned to make sure that the problem had been permanently banished.

Knot magic was also used to place a curse on the mystic’s enemies or on the foes of those who paid them to cast their spells. In this case, the curse was knotted into the rope that was then buried to ensure that it remained active. Knot magic spread to Ancient Greece and Rome and was used in the Middle Ages, but as knotting was seen as a woman’s occupation, it fell out of favor with the, usually male, masters of Renaissance magic. It survived in fishing ports where spey wives, women with the gift of second sight, would knot the wind into lengths of rope and sell them to fisherman and sailors. When a change of direction was needed, the appropriate rope was unknotted to release the desired wind and carry the fisherman to the fishing grounds, sailors to their destinations and to bring them both safely to port.

Modern practitioners of the art of knot magic often use cords (traditionally nine feet long) of an appropriate color for the purpose of the spell. A black cord would be used for spells cast to negativity, and a brown one for those concerning the home. Yellow and gold are appropriate for magic being made to rejuvenate, heal and spread peace and happiness, while the green cord is the color to use if love, beauty, fertility, and wealth are the concerns of the spell.

Orange is thought to restore harmony to a damaged relationship. So does pink, which also promotes love, friendship, and fidelity.

The royal and priestly colors – purple, indigo, and violet – encourage psychic and mental healing – while red heals the heart when it is in physically poor shape, enriches the blood and fires passion and sexual potency.

Sky blue lends itself to spells concerning study and learning and those cast to encourage communication. White stands for purity and as the color is made up of all the colors of the spectrum, a white cord can be used for any knot magic when a cord of the appropriate color is not to hand.

Silver cords have a special association for Wiccans to whom the power of the moon is so important. If they were drawing on its power to make knot magic, they would quite likely use a silver cord. It is best to use cord made of natural fiber such as silk or cotton, but if the spell has, for some reason to be cast as a matter of urgency, then man-made fiber will do.

To cast a spell using knot magic all you need is a length of cord of an appropriate color. (You can braid three cords together to strengthen the magic being made.) Consecrate it as you would everything else used in spell weaving and focus your thoughts on the reason the spell is being cast. Nine knots are tied altogether: the first at one end and the second at the other end.

If you are plaiting three cords together, when you tie the first knot to prevent the braiding unraveling, say, ‘By knot one, the spell is begun. May the magic run and run.’ And when the three cords are bound together and you tie a knot at the finished end, say, ‘By knot two it will come true. Made for me, or made for you.’

Those using just the one cord should say the same words when they tie the first two knots.

The third knot is tied in the middle and the fourth halfway between the new knot and the one at the right-hand end and the fifth between the central knot and the one at the other end.

The cord is knotted for the sixth and seventh times between the fourth knot and the end it is nearer to and the fifth knot and the end it is closer to respectively. And the eighth and ninth knots are tied between the center knot and the fourth and fifth knots respectively.

As you knot, don’t let the aim of the spell slip from your mind. Concentrate on it as you continue saying aloud:

By knot three, so shall it be That magic powers flow from me.

By knot four, this power will soar Thank thee ***** whom I adore.

By knot five, ’twill now survive My magic flows, is given drive.

And as I knot the cord times six, My magic, I have faith, will fix.

The spell begins with this knot, seven. My magic carried by the power in heaven.

By knot eight, let it be given. My magic’s safe. ’Twill ne’er be riven.

And now I make the knot of nine My magic, I have faith, will shine.


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