July Magic

It’s July. That means lots of heat, sunshine, in some places lots of humidity, and…magic! Have you ever thought of July as magical? Think about it for a moment. We just celebrated the Summer Solstice, when the sun was at its zenith. Even though we’re heading towards the shorter days of Yule, our July days are still super-charged from the Sun. As Witches, there’s a lot of July magic to work with!

Look at all of the flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables blooming or coming into bloom around you. My tomatoes are starting to ripen and I can’t wait to harvest them! Be sure to save flower petals and any seeds that start to appear. You’ll want to dry them and save them so that you’ll have them for spell work later in the year.

With all of the sunshine that July brings, it’s the perfect time to use that energy to your advantage. We’re moving towards harvest, towards the fruition of goals and projects. Use July energy for projects involving:

While July’s sun energy gets a lot of attention, don’t forget July’s moon energy. Whether you call the full moon the Thunder Moon, Mead Moon, Blessing Moon, Corn Moon, or Hay Moon, the moon’s energies perfectly balance the sun’s, giving you a break from the heat of the sun so that you can focus on your inner fire.



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