Gaze Into My Crystal Ball

Divining is the art of getting answers to questions you may have or may be asked.  Scrying is a divining skill many witches have found to be useful but you’d be surprised how much conflicting information there is out there on how to actually do it.  I am going to show you a simple way to divine through scrying.  You’ll need just a couple of things to get started:

  • A reflective object (a mirror, a goblet of water, a crystal ball, etc. – you can use smoke or fire to scry as well but it’s usually easier to get started with a more reflective surface)
  • A table of some kind covered in black or dark cloth and a comfortable chair (because you may be sitting in the same position for 20-30 minutes); you may want to experiment with adjusting the distance the tool is from your eyes to find the optimal position
  • Your favorite incense (optional)

Now, prepare your space.  This means casting a circle if it’s in your practice, call the quarters, light a candle and incense if you’re using it, etc..  The candle should be placed behind you (safely) so that it’s providing indirect light and not reflecting onto your scrying surface. Place your chosen scrying tool on top of the table and then meditate for a few moments so that you’re opening the lines of communication between you and the universe.

Hold your intention in your mind.  For example, your intention may be to uncover a hidden gift or to discover what’s holding you back from achieving a dream.  Once your intention is firmly fixed, open your eyes and look into the surface of your scrying instrument; set your focus five or six inches beyond the surface. Regardless of what tool you’re using, if you focus on the surface all you’ll see is the tool.  Focusing beyond the surface allows you to see beyond this “reality.”  Confusing?  Have you ever looked at those pictures that are completely comprised of colored dots and/or splotches and had to “look past” the surface to see the three-dimensional image in the picture? It is the same principle used here for scrying.

As you’re scrying, let the images come and go, don’t try to hold on to them.  The goal here is to become a passive observer rather than an active participant.  Blink your eyes when you need to and then reset your focus.  Your mind may even start to wander, and that’s ok, too, just keep your eyes focused.  As images pass through, eventually you’ll see an image, get the impression of a word or phrase, or even see an entire scene play out before you that “feels” like your answer.

Once you “feel” like your scrying session is over, think about what was presented to you.  What was the message you received?  Messages like this are rarely straight forward; they often come to us in terms of symbols, analogies, and metaphors.  Don’t worry about anyone else says things mean, go with your instincts.  Quiet the voices around you so that you can interpret the message you received.  It was sent to you in a language that YOU should be able to understand.  What a dove symbolizes to me is very likely to be different from what it symbolizes to you, so process what you saw but don’t overthink it.

Be patient as you develop this new skill.  It may take you many tries to master scrying, and that’s ok.  Think about it this way: NO ONE hits the ground knowing how to walk.  Each of us had to learn how to control the muscles for balance and locomotion, and we spent a lot of that learning process on our butts.  Once we got the basics figured out, though, it didn’t take us long to learn how to run and jump.  Give yourself the time you need to learn this new skill, and you’ll be a master in no time!



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