Full Moon Wishing Spell

Have you ever thought about wishes?  We all make them.  We wish on stars, throw coins into fountains, and even drop tokens into wishing wells.  Even adults still make a wish before blowing out their birthday candles.  “Wish-craft” is often our first introduction to casting spells!  The full moon affords us another avenue for sending our wish out into the Universe, and you won’t need a fancy fountain to make it happen!  Let’s take advantage of the Thunder Moon and weave some magic so that our arcane wishes can be granted.

You’ll Need:

  • A jar to act as your wishing well
  • Water (we’ll be charging the water with the full moon, but choose the type of water best suited to your spell: rain water, river water, storm water, etc.)
  • 4-6 stones or crystals

The Process:

In the evening, find a quiet place outside to perform this spell.  If this isn’t possible, sit by a moonlit window or hold the image of the moon in your mind’s eye.  If casting a circle is part of your practice, gather your ingredients and then do so.

Take a few moments to center and ground yourself.

Fill the jar with the water you’ve chosen to use.  For example, river water would work well for spells regarding moving on, while storm water can help empower spells dealing with emotional strength and motivation.  Rain water is a great choice for growth spells and those that you want to keep gaining power over time.  Whatever choice you make, trust that it will be the right one.  Since we’ll be charging the water with the Moon, even tap or bottled water will be effective.

Pick up one of the stones and charge it with your wish.  Visualize what it will be like when your wish comes true.  For example, if you’re casting for prosperity, form a picture in your mind about what that looks like in your world, what your life will be like, what you’ll be doing, etc. as you drop the stone into the water.   You can use “found stones” or stones from your practice.  A pebble that comes to your attention can be charged with a wish for abundance every bit as effectively as a piece of Tiger’s Eye can be.  The important thing here is to focus on your intention one stone at a time.

Once the stone sinks to the bottom of the jar, pick up the next stone and charge it with your wish.  Continue in this way until you have placed all of your wishes in your “well.”  Limit your wishes to 4-6 stones so that you’re not spreading your intent too thin.

Once you’ve released each stone into the water, take the jar in your hands say something to seal the spell.  I say something like the following, but as always, think of it as an example and feel free to come up with something completely yours!

Water, Moon, Earth, and Night
Bring forth the visions from my sight
My spell is cast, one, two, three
As I will it, mote it be!

Leave the jar in the moonlight, either outside or on the windowsill.  In the morning, remove the stones from the water and let them dry.  Return the water to the earth in some way; I like to water my plants with it.  Once your stones are dry, you can carry them with you, place them on your altar, or even put them someplace safe.  Whatever you choose, know the Goddess has heard your moon wishes!



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