Emotional Centering

There are all kinds of activities you can do to calm and center yourself.  Meditation, grounding rituals, and so on can help you stay on an even keel.  This is another ritual that may be useful to you because it takes advantage of the energies of the waning moon.

For this ritual you’ll need a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for 10-20 minutes.  I like to do this ritual outside when possible, and under that waning moon, but it is effective regardless of the day or time you choose to do it.  As with any ritual, you need to do it when YOU feel the pull rather than when someone else tells you to!

Gather the follow ingredients and set them in your ritual space (as always, adjust any of the ingredients and incantations so that they feel right and fit your practice):

  • A bowl of moon water
  • Incense (choose one that you find particularly calming; amber, bayberry, and bergamot may be effective for you as well)
  • White candle dressed with jasmine or chamomile essential oil
  • A bowl of earth or soil

Begin by preparing your mind and body for the ritual.  Take a ritual bath, meditate for a few minutes, whatever you do to feel ready for spell work.  If casting a circle and calling the quarters is part of your practice, you should do so now.

  • Open the ritual by saying, “I have gathered the elements of life, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to remove all negative energies from within”
  • Rub some of the earth between your palms and say “the Earth grounds me from harm.”
  • Run your hands through the smoke of the incense and say “the Air blows away any fear.”
  • Run your fingers carefully (and quickly) through the candle flame and say “Fire burns away negativity.”
  • Place your hands in the bowl of water and say “and Water brings freshness back in.”
  • With your hands still in the water, say “With harm to none, I release my negativity to cleanse my emotions and fill myself with good intention.  As I will it, so mote it be!”

When you feel like your negative emotions have been released into the water, take the bowls of water and soil outside and empty them near your door.  If you live in an urban area, pour them out in a park area.  You can save the candle and the incense to repeat the spell as needed.


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