Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing down the Moon is a core spiritual practice for many Wiccans. By drawing down the light of the Full Moon, you fill yourself with the essence of the Goddess, with divine light.  In Gardnerian Wicca, this can only be done by the High Priestess before a ritual so that she becomes the Goddess on Earth; many of us believe this is too great a spiritual practice to be so limited.

The number of solitary practitioners is growing, and we all need to understand that not only CAN we draw down the moon ourselves, we SHOULD be doing it, and not just before rituals.  Any time you see the Moon, you can invoke her light.  You can use a formalized ritual for this but by setting your intention you can even use something as simple as a thought and a breath to invoke Her.  In Wiccan spirituality, EVERYONE can invoke the Goddess within!

By invoking your inner Goddess, you are honoring the Divine both inside and outside of yourself.  As an ongoing practice, there are many benefits to drawing down the Moon.  Some of the issues that can be helped by this practice are:

  • Empowerment
  • Physical and emotional healing
  • Replacing fear with courage
  • Easing depression
  • Transforming from a negative to positive state
  • Boosting energy
  • Increasing self-esteem
  • And so on…

Remember, each phase of the Moon has a specific energy you can tap into.  For example, the waning Moon is the time to let go, cleanse and release; if this is what you need to do, focus on these aspects of the Moon’s energy.  While drawing down this energy is best done during a full moon, it can be done at any time.  Just keep in mind that it is important to clearly set your intention and focus before you start.

There are as many ways to draw down the Moon as there are Wiccans who do so, but here is one that I like best. As always, feel free to take from it what works for you, adapt and change it as you will.  What speaks to me may not speak to you, and that’s ok.  Think of this as an example to get you started!

  • Stand outside facing the full moon. If going outside isn’t possible for you, do this at window.  You can even “see” her in your imagination if necessary.
  • Greet the Moon in your usual way and tell her what you need help with, what kind of energy you need. I generally start with something like, “My Lady, hear your daughter’s call…”
  • Move into the chalice position by standing tall with your feet firmly planted and raising your arms to form a “bowl” overhead.
  • Clap your hands once over your head to empty your “bowl” and focus your concentration.
  • Visualize and feel the Moon’s light filling your chalice with brilliant white light.
  • When your “bowl” is full, slowly lower your arms, drawing the light into your body. Feel it flow through your entire being – mind, body, and spirit.
  • Once you’ve emptied your “bowl,” raise your hands overhead and clap them again to repeat the process. Fill your chalice 3 times.
  • End the ritual by thanking and honoring the Moon for Her gift.

In today’s crazy, mixed-up world, drawing down the Moon is a powerful way to recharge your batteries.  So much of who and what we deal with daily is draining and can pollute and taint our energy.  Refilling your “chalice” with the pure divine energy of the Moon can help you keep doing what you do.  You are a beacon in the dark, so keep shining!


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