Spell Casting

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Spells don’t really work the way you might think– spells are a bit like
recipes. You may attempt to follow along, however if you aren’t
acquainted with the ingredients, if you don’t comprehend the
techniques, if you don’t have a general understanding of the
techniques or practice very much, it will be haphazard.

As a matter of fact, the more you rely on the recipe, without truly
learning what makes them work, the more misses you’ll get than hits.

If you get a recipe at that stage, you don’t even understand enough
about cooking to know if it’s good, or not. If you can’t find the precise
ingredients, or the correct tool, you aren’t truly sure what to do or
how it will affect the result of the dish. All you may do is cross your
fingers and trust for the best. Even if it turns out good once, you don’t
understand why so you can’t truly repeat it.
You need to get past the stage of using others recipes if you want to
truly find out how to cook. You have to learn to comprehend the
ingredients, the tools,  hone those skills so that you don’t have to keep
reading someone else’s instructions, Then you may accomplish your
own vision of a dish, as you’ve learned what to do.

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