Herbs, Oils and Other Aphrodisiacs

While you might have thought that herbs and oils were just for cooking, think again. With the help of Mother Nature, you can begin to change the way that you feel as well as how other people feel about you. With simply a few plants and some technical know-how, you can begin to get others to do what you want.


Aphrodisiacs have been around for hundreds of years because they work. And you now can make them work for you.

All you need is the training, the tools, and the motivation. Are you ready to learn more about potions that will turn a significant other into someone who wants to please you at every turn?

Why waste another moment?

What Are Aphrodisiacs Anyway?

Herbs eBook MNamed for Aphrodite, the goddess of love, aphrodisiacs are a bit of a mystery to most people. While they might offer you a chance to seduce a person, they can also cause you to be more highly seducible.

But what do you need to know in order to get started?

In “Herbs, Oils and Other Aphrodisiacs,” you’re going to learn about some of the ways in which you can use aphrodisiacs to help you get the attention you crave.

You will first learn about:

Traditional healing
Modern science

While it can sometimes seem that modern science isn’t connected its roots in natural healing, this is far from the actual truth.

You’ll learn all about this in this detailed and one of a kind book.

What Do I Need to Know About Herbs?

While it certainly is easier to just pick up a bottle of an aphrodisiac and use it, this is not the best way to begin your learning.

If you want to be able to custom tailor your herbs to your experience, you need to know more than just what they do.

In “Herbs, Oils and Other Aphrodisiacs,” you’re going to learn about:

How to use herbs wisely
Choosing the right plant
One plant?
How to prepare the plant
Bind plant
Grouping plants
Tonifying herbs
Sedating and stimulating herbs
Potentially poisonous herbs
Guidelines for using herbs safely

While it might seem that using herbs would be completely safe, this is far from the case. When you are first starting out, it is essential that you use the correct plant and prepare it in the correct way.

If you do not, the effects might be less than seductive – and they could even be dangerous.

What are Oils, Tinctures, and Concoctions?

If you’re been interested in aphrodisiacs for a while, you’ve probably already heard these terms being thrown around. These words refer to the different ways in which the herbs can be prepared in order to create useable substance.

In this section of “Herbs, Oils and Other Aphrodisiacs,” you will learn about each individual herbal composition:


And you will learn how to make your own tinctures as well as how to work with essential oils in order to make the most of them in your everyday life and uses.

Creating these mixtures will allow you to extend the life of the plants and begin to create a more useful ingredient.

Is This The Same Thing As Aromatherapy?

Smelling good can help you to entice a partner, but you might have already known that. In “Herbs, Oils and Other Aphrodisiacs,” we’re going to talk about how you can use specific scents in order to rev up the senses of your partner and so that you can begin to create a stronger connection to the person you’re with.

Our book discusses the five best scents to use when you’re trying to seduce someone – and they work for anyone.

Enhancing love and sex is the goal of this section – and you can use these scents immediately to see what they can do for you.

Boost Your Relationship With Aphrodisiacs

No matter how long you have been together, you can still do more for your relationship.

When you want to keep it hot and heavy, you might want to read “Herbs, Oils and Other Aphrodisiacs” to learn more about:

How to handle sexual challenges
Working through blocked energy
Flower essences
Ayurvedic wisdom

With these ideas in mind, you can begin to handle relationship problems in a natural way, using nature as an ingredient to help you manage your feelings and begin to create a new mindset for your body too.

While your relationship might need some support along the way, the powers of herbs can help you begin to feel lighter and brighter than it has in years.

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