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You Can Take A ‘Hocus Pocus’ Tour In Salem


You Can Take A ‘Hocus Pocus’ Tour In Salem

With a reboot in the works, this ‘Hocus Pocus’ walking tour is going to rekindle your childhood Halloween memories.

Hocus Pocus is one of the most beloved Halloween movies of all time. It had the exact right mixture of funny and scary when we watched the movie as children that has carried over to the current generation.

With a spectacular set and amazing costume design, the movie is a great watch. Keeping in mind the legacy, there is a Hocus Pocus walk happening in Salem, Massachusetts. The movie was almost entirely filmed in Salem, Massachusetts and surrounding areas and a lot of filming spots are still there today.

The tour description on the website reads, “Capture the historic spirit of Salem’s yesteryear on this award-winning, 90-minute walking tour that is available year-round.  Discover the truth about Salem’s infamous Witch Trial Hysteria. Experience the authentic story of Salem’s most notorious murder. Encounter how Nathaniel Hawthorne spent much of his life trying to escape the legacy of a hanging judge. Find out the Salem locations used in the blockbuster movie Hocus Pocus, but remember the tour is not based on the movie, rather it’s based on Salem’s rich and vibrant history. Please note, due to time and distance, we only visit two Hocus Pocus movie locations.”

In honor of Hocus Pocus being on…throwback to Salem on the hocus pocus tour 👻🎃👻🎃👻

— Clare Cecilia (@clare_cecilia)

The description continues, ” Since 2003, Susan Metzger has led this tour and over a thousand reviewers have praised her guiding saying that she is “an amazing storyteller!” More than fifteen stops dot the tour route, including Salem’s old jail — a one-time residence for the Boston Strangler, the site of the Old Witch Gaol (prison), the Witch Trial Memorial, the field where Giles Corey was pressed to death, and a cemetery where a Witch Trial Hysteria judge is buried. For availability and tour times, click on the “Buy Tickets” button.” 

The tickets are moderately priced at $18 for adults, $15 for seniors, and $10 for children. The walking tour also provides the option of attending the tour with a group, and custom walking tours will take place where they match the timings of the walk as per the preference of the group. 

Hocus Pocus stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Nijimy, and tells the story of three witches who have a taste for children who were hanged during the Salem witch trials. After 300 years, the three witches are resurrected on Halloween night by Max, a teenager who was not feeling Halloween-y enough until then. Now, it is up to Max, his sister Dani, and his high school crush Allison, a friendly zombie, and an immortal cat named Binx to put an end to the witches’ tyranny and terror. 

The movie was released on July 16, 1993, by Walt Disney Pictures. Upon its release, it received mixed to negative reviews from film critics. However, after the annual airings on Disney Channel and Freeform, the movie has amassed a cult following and even now, sees a spike in home video sales every year on Halloween. Since then, the reception of the movie has become more positive and Hocus Pocus is now regarded as a cult classic. 

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