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10+ Witchcraft Symbols You Should Know And Never Ignore


10+ Witchcraft Symbols You Should Know And Never Ignore

You will learn a lot of new things today.

About pagan witchcraft that is. It is usually referred to as Wicca. People who are Wicca typically pray to many different kinds of gods including a goddess, the moon goddess, and the horned god. Even though you might not believe in such stuff, you have to admit that these are quite interesting.

You see, today we will talk about a lot of different witchcraft symbols that might look quite normal. However, they have a secret meaning behind it. There are a lot of varying witchcraft symbols, but these were the most interesting ones that we could find. So let’s begin, shall we?

#1 Air Element. 

Air Element

Represents the east, the soul, air, life, communication, and wisdom.

Usually used in rituals: momentum, wisdom.


#2 Earth element.

Earth element

Represents divine feminine, earth, nourishment, endurance, and the body.

Usually used in rituals: money, fertility.

#3 Fire element. 

Fire element

Represents fire, masculine energy, and purifying energy.

Usually used in rituals: purifying, new action.

#4 Water element. 

Water element

Represents: feminine energy, the womb, water, the west, and healing.

Usually used in rituals: love, emotions, “washing away” negative energy.

#5 Ritual Circle. 

Ritual Circle

Represents: transformation and completion, cycles.

Usually used in rituals: protection, completing something.

#6 Solar Cross. 

Solar Cross

Represents: sun, earth, four elements, and the four seasons.

Usually used in rituals: transformation, endings, beginnings, solstice.

#7 Sun Wheel. 

Sun Wheel

Represents: sun, four seasons, fire, masculine energy, and the south.

Usually used in rituals: celebrating seasons, invoking the sun.

#8 Hecate’s Wheel. 

Hecate's Wheel

Represents: women, and transformation.

Usually used in rituals: invoking change and transformation.

#9 Pentagram. 


Represents: the elements.

Usually used in rituals: protection.

#10 Ankh. 


Represents: eternal life, the sun, and the feminine energy.

Usually used in rituals: protection.

#11 Celtic Sheild Knot. 

Celtic Sheild Knot

Represents: the four elements.

Usually used in rituals: protection.

#12 Eye of Horus. 

Eye of Horus

Represents: the Egyptian god Horus.

Usually used in rituals: protection, healing.

#13 Eye of Ra. 

Eye of Ra

Represents: the Egyptian god Ra.

Usually used in rituals: protection.

#14 All Seeing Eye. 

All Seeing Eye

Represents: god/goddess.

Usually used in rituals: protection.

#15 Seax Wicca. 

All Seeing Eye

Represents: the moon, the sun, the seasons, and the Seax Wicca tradition.

Usually used in rituals: the Seax Wicca tradition.

#16 Horned God.

Horned God

Represents: masculine energy.

Usually used in rituals: invoking the horned god, fertility.

#17 Thor’s Hammer. 

Thor's Hammer

Represents: a powerful unfailing weapon.

Usually used in rituals: protection, power.

#18 Triple Horn of Odin.

Triple Horn of Odin

Represents: ceremony, celebration, and the divine feminine.

Usually used in rituals: celebrating, drawing on the divine feminine.

#19 Triple Moon. 

Triple Moon

Represents: divine feminine, womanhood, and the moon.

Usually used in rituals: drawing down the moon.

#20 Triple Spiral.

Triple Spiral

Represents: earth, sea, and sky. It can also be used as a symbol for a country or place (the Isles of Man, Sicily).

Usually used in rituals: reference to a specific place or earthy, wind, and sky.

#21 Yin Yang. 

Yin Yang

Represents: light and dark, good and bad, duality, and balance.

Usually used in rituals: good luck, balance.

#22 Triquetra. 


Represents: earth, wind, sky, mind, body, and soul.

Usually used in rituals: any reference to three things you want to tie together.

#23 Septogram. 


Represents: seven chakras, seven elements, seven days of the week, and heaven.

Usually used in rituals: protection, harmony.

#24 Hexagram.


Represents: the devil.

Usually used in rituals: conjuring the demonic, dark magic.

Have you ever seen these symbols around and about?

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