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A Unique Home Protection Spell For Witches


A Unique Home Protection Spell For Witches

Here’s a home protection spell with an added twist!

Perhaps the problem is that you really don’t w ish to move from your home. This spell is beneficial for anyone concerned about forced eviction. It serves to ground you firmly in your home. In my experience, it is a very reliable spell, but be forewarned: if you only w ish to stay long enough to find another dwelling, this spell may ground you so securely that you’ll be unable to discover alternatives. Only cast this spell if you are truly determined to stay. You w ill need a rock from the property (if you can dig it out from underground, this is especially potent) plus benzoin (either powdered or what is sold as essential oil) and charcoal.

1. Grate a little bit of rock and charcoal into a mortar. (An ordinary metal grater works on most rocks.) 2. Add the benzoin and mash everything together. The consistency depends upon what form of benzoin you use. 3. Scatter this mixture across all thresholds to the outside: all venues of entry, doors, gates, windows—anything large enough to permit someone to enter. 4. Reserve the materials and repeat whenever threat appears, using the same rock. Other materials may be replaced but once the rock is gone, you must consider leaving or other alternatives. (Choose your rock wisely: if you fear it will be a long haul, choose a large one.)



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