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Mysterious hidden ‘witches’ marks’ revealed

By Green WitchNovember 6, 2019

Latest Stories

Mysterious hidden ‘witches’ marks’ revealed

By November 6, 2019

Strange Witch Bottle Found In Chimney

By November 6, 2019

Scotland wants stolen witch bones back

By September 21, 2019

Festival brings witches, psychics, holistic healers to Augusta

By July 31, 2019

Some Facts You Don’t Know About “The Craft”

By July 11, 2019

My Grandmother Was A Cuban Witch

By July 11, 2019

The First Woman Executed for Witchcraft in England

By July 4, 2019

How Iceland embraced a Pagan belief

By July 1, 2019

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The other Lancashire witches: The Samlesbury three walk free

By June 16, 2019

She was researching an article on witches — and found a path to self-empowerment

By June 11, 2019

How the medieval witch image has evolved over centuries

By June 6, 2019

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