Awaken the Goddess Within

This is a 1-hour Chakra/Kundalini Meditation/Activation by Taos Winds Spirit Music called Awaken the Goddess Within.  The music/frequencies in this video are very strong and have an immediate effect on the Root Chakra, stimulating the Kundalini, the “Serpent Energy,” the Goddess Energy within us all. In my experience with this particular piece of music, I personally felt extremely powerful movement in the Root Chakra area within seconds which lasted throughout the entirety of the music. The energy is aroused, and rises up through your body, stimulating each Chakra from the Root to the Crown. “The Kundalini Rising.” “The Goddess Awakening.”   This extended version will help you go into a deeper meditative state, deeper into yourself. Close your eyes, meditate, relax, sleep, whatever you wish.  Just enjoy the experience!  Blessings!


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