A Whispered Spell…

Sometimes we get so caught up in negativity that we can’t find the loving hand right in front of us, waiting to help us out of the maelstrom.  If everything else has failed, this spell can help open someone’s eyes, heart, and mind to the love around them.  I call it a whisper because what you’re doing is gently reminding, whispering a suggestion; this is not a spell of command!  Before you contemplate using this or any spell, be mindful of your intentions

You’ll need:

  • A small jar candle
  • An herb blend to match your intentions (like thyme, rose petals, and caraway seeds for honesty and memory)

The process:

You’ll want to cast this spell when you feel your strongest.   As always, use the spell, add to it, change it, or completely forget it!  Grind your herbs together and set your space. Light your candle and then meditate for a few minutes about your friend or your own situation. “See” her in your mind’s eye…what is she doing right now, etc.

Once you’re focused, grab a pinch of herbs and drop them onto your candle (be mindful of fire!) and whisper something like “X, open your eyes to the love around you. See the world for what it really is.” Meditate on this for a few minutes, see her eyes open.

Take another pinch of herbs and add it to the candle, whispering, “X, open your heart to the love around you. Feel the world for what it really is.” Meditate for a few more minutes, seeing her heart open.

For the final pass, take another pinch of herbs and whisper “X, open your mind to the world around you. Know the world for what it really is.” Meditate again. seeing her mind open.

“Turn your face to the moon, my Sweet, feel the love and let your heart be free.  As I will it, mote it be!”

Send her your love before opening your eyes. Let the candle burn for a bit before snuffing it out. Repeat this spell on three consecutive days, and on the last session let the candle burn itself out.


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  1. Dominic Perri says

    As always I absolutely love this.
    Beautifully made and I will definitely be borrowing it ♡
    Blessed Be

    1. Rain says

      Blessings to you as well, Dominic! Thank you so much for your kind words!

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