The Magic of Jasmine

Jasmine’s scintillating and mystical power is fabled to be able to attract many of the treasures that one might seek.

Jasmine is a love-drawing herb, but not just any love; Jasmine attracts spiritual love, perfect for those searching the world for their soulmate.

Burn jasmine incense or carry jasmine flowers to attract money and wealth.

Though she loves sunlight and warmth, Jasmine has earned the unique moniker of “Queen of the Night” due to her penchant for blooming in the evening.

Jasmine tea is excellent for divination. The scent can calm the mind’s eye, making it easier to interpret visions and see them with clarity.

Jasmine is said to induce prophetic dreams when burned in the bedroom. You can also include jasmine in a dream pillow for a similar effect.

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Jasmine is considered a lunar herb and is appropriate for use in moon magic. Cleanse your crystals with jasmine smoke or incense or by placing them in a bowl of jasmine flowers.

Jasmine gets its name from the Persian word yasameen which means “gift from God.” She is beloved and revered in India, where the flower is used for hair ornaments.

Jasmine is also prominently featured in Indian religious festivals and marriage ceremonies.

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