Sacred Groves

Our knowledge of sacred groves in prehistory can be an enlightening force, showing us markers on the path to engaging these energies for ourselves. When we contact the spirits of the trees, we call in a whole set of related aspects: the spirits of earth and stone; the spirits of rain and wind, moonlight, sunlight; and the subtle presence of our magically adept ancestors whose consciousness can still be contacted in constant, timeless communion with the earth.

We will also come into contact with the genii loci (“powers of place”)—the guardian spirits of any or no spiritual race other than their own unique forms which guide and protect the environment and its spirit inhabitants (including the tree spirits), and help facilitate our work with them. These also act as “go-betweens” connecting us to even deeper energies, gods, and other beings. When we encounter these beings, we may receive visions, images, sounds, or symbols that act as energetic “keys” that unlock different realms. The genii loci also interact with our own energy field and ultimately with our souls; evolving, informing, and merging with our souls’ purpose with far-reaching effects from this life into the next.

These “keys” are well-worn paths trodden by mystics, seers, and those working with earth energies for millennia. It must be remembered that they are not aspects of our subconscious, and though they may be clothed with imagery from our minds, they exist regardless of our awareness. These energies interact with us as independent beings, and our awareness of the practices of our ancestors can inform our dialogue with them, educating us about the energetic language and forms this dialogue takes. Their experience of us is part of a continuous stream of interaction that has lasted for immense spans of time and adjusts only subtly over the years. In contrast to our fleeting impatient human consciousness, the spirits of nature, tree spirits, and related beings have a far wider and deeper awareness we need to slow into if our contact is to be fruitful.

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