Create Your Own Mugwort Dream Pillow – and more

Mugwort Dream Pillow

Take an 8 by 8-inch square of soft, dreamy fabric (whatever suits you), face right sides together, and sew up three sides; turn right sides out. If you wish, before sewing the squares together, you could embroider or otherwise embellish the pillow with symbols you find inspiring. Next, fill it with dried mugwort leaves and sew shut. Make some sort of affirmation, either aloud or silently, as to the intent of the pillow. Place this near or under your regular pillow to inspire your dreams.

In addition to mugwort, you can also stuff the dream pillow with other herbs such as:
GARDEN SAGE—for memory
CLARY SAGE—for vivid dreaming (use only a pinch)
HOPS—for relaxation and softness
CATTAIL FLUFF—for deep memory and, well, fluff
ROSE PETALS—to dream of love
MISTLETOE—for beautiful dreams
LAVENDER—to reduce stress and promote peacefulness
LILAC—domain of the moon and the element of water, both connected
with dreaming.

You can also make small herbal charms with mugwort. Take a fluorite crystal, sometimes called a Herkimer diamond, breathe a dream wish into it, and place it in a small pouch with some mugwort to “earth” the dreams. Place this near your pillow at bedtime. The fluorite, with its double-pyramid formation, represents the great cosmic maxim “As above, so below—as the universe, so the soul.”

Another dream charm that uses mugwort instructs you to take a small violet-, indigo-, or black-colored pouch and fill with a pinch of mugwort and a length of red string tied together first to form a circle. Close the pouch, and before tucking near your pillow, enchant the charm with these words: “Charm of mugwort, charm of string, dreaming true, remembering.”

Pauline Campanelli, late author of the charmingly illustrated (by her husband Dan) book Wheel of the Year, says
that rhyming helps the mind to remember, and that you should not practice these types of charms every single night, only often enough to keep your psychic channels open and your normal sleep patterns intact.

Another charm to promote psychic dreams is to take a large dried poppy head, shake out the seeds (save to plant later), write your dream question on a tiny piece of yellow paper, and slip it into the pod; place the pod on your personal altar or nightstand. An answer may surface in your dreams.

Monday is Moon Day, and the moon rules dreams. Just before retiring, inhale (do not drink) a strong, steaming concoction of three sprigs each bay leaf, mugwort, and cinquefoil; clairvoyant dreams may follow. You could also add the brew to a warm, not-too-hot bath.

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