Doll Distance Healing Spell

Doll Distance Healing Spell

Because once upon a time Chinese women wouldn’t undress before a doctor (even today a visit to a traditional Chinese physician rarely involves undressing), beautiful, anatomically correct naked dolls were carved from ivory. These dolls served as a communications device between doctor and patient; pain, illness, affliction, and methods of healing could be demonstrated on the doll w ith minimum embarrassment.

These dolls are still sometimes found in antique shops; reproductions are also available. Use this type of doll or craft or use a less realistic one to perform magical distance healing.

1. Hold the doll in your hands to charge it with your intentions and healing energy.
2. Murmur healing incantations and blessings over the doll.
3. Massage the doll with blended castor and olive oils, scented with essential oil of lavender.
4. Place the doll within a ring of burning healing candles.
5. Repeat as needed until the healing is complete.

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