Breaking a spell

Along with how to cast a spell it is important for Witches to know how to break a spell or dismantle it, if necessary. If Witches create a ball of astral energy to act as a watcher or protector, they should know how to return that energy to the cosmic void when the watcher’s task is finished. The last thing you want wandering around your environment is an energy ball without a purpose.

One way to avoid this is to end all spells by saying: “In no way will this spell cause me or mine to suffer any negative effects. When the time of this spell is finished, all unused energy will return harmlessly to the cosmic void.”

This statement will also protect you from the effects of a spell that might not be worded exactly right. For example, if you are selling your house, but living in another place at the time you cast the spell, you want to sell the old house, not the new one.

There may also come a time when you find yourself the victim of an unwanted spell from another magician. If the guilty magician has only average spell working ability, you can deflect the magic by simply doing your monthly New Moon protection rituals.

If, however, the magician in question is adept at creating powerful spells and knows how to prevent a rebound, you may be able to deflect the spell but, because of the proficiency of the magician, the spell will continue to return to you even though you have successfully deflected it. Therefore, you should end every spell with the above protection, or at least something similar. By this time you should have absorbed the admonition to avoid working spells against other people or trying to curse them.

Another time you will need to know how to break a spell is if a spell is ever sent against you. The easiest method for doing this is to keep up your New Moon protection rituals without fail, cleansing and blessing your entire home as needed, and adopting a positive attitude in your life. If you are contending with an adept magician, you certainly do not want to end up playing tennis with a spell.

Some innocent person could get hurt if the energy bounces their way. The best method for dealing with a situation like this is to trap the spell and neutralize it by sending it back into the cosmic void.

One way to do this is to set up a mirror trap on your altar. Set three mirrors at equal distances around your cauldron, all slightly facing inward. You need to have the mirrors angled in this way to draw in the spell and bounce it into the cauldron. Hold a fairly large piece of black onyx or black obsidian in your hands and instruct it to absorb the energy of any incoming spell and neutralize it. Then, place the stone inside the cauldron, in the center of the three mirrors. The spell energy will hit one of the mirrors, circle the cauldron by hitting each angled mirror several times, and, when momentum decreases, it will fall into the cauldron.

At intervals, you will need to clean the mirrors, the stone, and the cauldron to keep them in top operating condition.

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