How To Consecrate Your Witchy Kitchen

Elemental Kitchen Consecration Ritual

Here is an example consecration ritual that can be used by Wiccans and nonWiccans alike. The universal energies of the Elements are called upon to enhance the magical atmosphere you’ll be creating in your kitchen.

If you wish, you can also include language that incorporates the Goddess and the God or any other deities you have a spiritual connection with.

It’s best to perform this ritual after a thorough deep clean of your kitchen, but if that’s just not possible, don’t let it stop you. Just clean as much as you can beforehand. Smudge with sage, rosemary, and/or lavender before beginning the blessing.

The herbs suggested for this ritual all double as kitchen spices and are associated with purification, protection, good luck and/or success. The list of options below it not remotely exhaustive, however, so if there are other herbs you’d prefer to work with, by all means do so.

Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you may not be able to place each Element candle directly on the floor in the center of each wall. If this is the case, just place the candle as close to this spot as possible, even if it has to be on a countertop, a shelf, or even on top of the fridge.

You will need:

  • Earth candle (green or brown)
  • Fire candle (red or orange)
  • Air candle (yellow or white)
  • Water candle (blue or silver)
  • White spell candle
  • Mortar or bowl
  • Consecration incense or a few drops of essential oil (heated with an oil burner or diffuser) with one or more of the following ingredients: Frankincense Myrrh Sandalwood Jasmine Rose Ylang ylang Cinnamon Lavender Lemon
  • 4 bay leaves (good fortune, success)
  • 1 whole star anise (consecration, purification, luck)
  • 1 whole cinnamon stick (consecration, success)
  • 1 teaspoon each of four of the following herbs: Clove (protection, good luck) Basil (purification, protection) Cumin (protection) Dill (protection) Fennel seed (purification, protection) Rosemary (purification, protection) Thyme (purification)
  • 4 small token representations of foods you really like: e.g., a pinto bean, a dried cranberry, a piece of dry pasta, a small piece of bread, etc.

Instructions: Gather all of your ingredients and place the incense or essential oil and the white spell candle on a surface that serves as a focal point—your kitchen altar, if you have one, or a table or countertop.

Take a deep breath, exhale, and light the incense or oil.

Place each Element candle on the floor at the center of the wall that most closely aligns with its directional association, in the following order: Earth in the north, Air in the east, Fire in the south, and Water in the west.

Now, light the Earth candle and place a bay leaf in front of it. Do the same with the Air, Fire, and Water candles.

As you do so, verbally acknowledge the power of the Element as it relates to food and food preparation in the home, using the following (or similar) words: Earth:

“I welcome the energies of abundant sustenance into my kitchen.” Air: “I welcome the energies of the invisible life force into my kitchen.”
Fire: “I welcome the energies of nourishing transformation into my kitchen.” Water: “I welcome the energies of life-sustaining flow into my kitchen.”

Next, place the four teaspoons of your chosen herbs in the mortar or bowl. Mix the herbs together with your fingers and then stir them with the cinnamon stick three times in a clockwise (sunwise) direction.

Briefly dip each food token into the herb mixture and place it on one of the bay leaves. Briefly dip the star anise into the herb mixture, then place it in front of the white spell candle. As you prepare to light the candle, take a deep breath, exhale, and say the following (or similar) words:

“Working in union with the powers of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and with the sacred Fifth Element of spirit, I bless this kitchen. This room is now my sacred hearth space where magic is made with joyful intention, nourishing the body, mind and soul. Blessed Be.”

Now light the candle and spend a few moments in quiet reflection.

When you feel that the consecration work is done, take the food tokens, bay leaves, and herb mixture outdoors and sprinkle them over the Earth. The star anise and cinnamon stick can be used later in magical recipes or kept as lucky kitchen charms.

The Element candles can be gently extinguished and used again in other ritual work or just for ambiance. Leave the white spell candle to burn out safely on its own.

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