Protect your home or workspace

Wiccans need to feel free to create and practice spells, divination, meditation, contact with spirit guides, and more. Some amazing things will come to you in your work; the downside, of course, is that there are some nasty spirits out there as well, and they can make their way into our world if we leave the door open, so to speak. By keeping yourself healthy and protected, you can keep dark spirits from invading your body; however, you also want to keep them from setting up shop in your home. Keep the energy in the space where you perform spells or practice divination as clear and clean as possible using these methods:

Wind chimes and bells are good repellents of negative energies. So hang some chimes outside your door and keep a bell on hand whenever you’re working on a spell, making contact with the spirit world, or peering into the future.

Burning basil, rosemary, or sage keeps foul spirits away. These herbs are easy to find, obviously, which is why I list them first, but frankincense, lavender, myrrh, Mandrake, or valerian root will give you the same results. Sandalwood and rose incense are also great protectors against evil, and they have an added bonus—they make your house smell like you’ve done some cleaning. Simply scatter the herbs around your workspace. To make them into a fine powder (unnoticeable to the human eye), put them in your coffee grinder; then you can sprinkle your space with herb dust. The protective nature of these herbs can also be activated by burning a small amount of them in a bowl in your workspace.

Smudge your space and your aura every now and then. No, I don’t mean that you should wipe your hands all over the walls. Get yourself a smudge stick (dried sage, cedar, sweet grass, or lavender—you can find these at a metaphysical shop or online). Set your intention—to cleanse the area and yourself—and then light the stick. The smoke wipes out the negative energy, so really get into the corners and wave it all around.

When you are chilling out in front of the TV at night, light a pretty-colored scented candle. Any type is fine. candles are simply great at cleansing an area and will leave the energies balanced and intact.

As always, before you get into any reading or spell, focus on a positive intention. Envision a white light encircling the entire room you’re working in. Call on spirit guides to keep the area clear of evil.

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