Spell To Enhance Your Sex Appeal

Hi I’m star girl the practical witch . Today I will be showing you an easy 100 percent effective spell to increase your sex appeal all you’re going to need is a pen a piece of paper and yourself increasing your sex appeal not only helps you attract your ideal mate but it also helps you feel good about yourself and when you feel good about yourself everything else in life seems to fall into place – so before we get started I ask that you go into a place where you feel safe and you’re able to be in a meditative state where you don’t feel distracted I like to go to my table where I cast my spells and light my white candles and turn the lights on down and I also lit some orange candles as well because they’re bold color and sex appeal is bold so just go somewhere you feel safe you’re not going to be distracted somewhere you know you can just focus all of your energy onto what we’re about to do let’s get started okay so on your sheet of paper I want you to write down the following I am sexy leave space I am confident leave space I am charismatic leave space once you have done that I want you to go through your three phrases and cross out any vows which it which are a e i o you and sometimes y so the first one let’s do that and I’m gonna leave the Y there this time because there’s not a lot of letters left over so let’s just keep the while not sexy then we’re gonna go through I am confident cross out all of the vowels AEIOU and sometimes why and then the third one cross that all the vowels AEIOU and sometimes why alright with the letters you are left over with rewrite it below so after we are left with those letters we’re gonna do some more cross outs what I want you to do this time is cross out any repeating letters so if we look like look at I am sexy we were left with M s XY there are no repeating letters so that one is good how it is with I am confident we were left with M C and F D and T there are repeating letters in this there’s no repeating M’s there’s no repeating C’s but there is a repeating n so we’re gonna go ahead and cross out that second repeating n alright now we move on to I’m charismatic which we were left with and CH are SMT see again there are repeating letters so there’s no o there is another end we’re gonna cross that second and out there is a repeating C so we’re gonna cross that second C out and there are no more repeating letters so now what you’re gonna do is you’re going to rewrite this letter sequence without the letter that you crossed out so I am sexy is left how it is because there’s no repeating letters I am confident is now 10 C and F DT and this is our final product right here final product ranking all right I am charismatic after crossing out the vowels and the repeating letters is left with n CH r s T and that is our final product for I’m charismatic so for I am sexy you should have been left with M s X Y for I am confident you should been left with M C and F DT and for I am charismatic you should be left with M CH rst all right so once you get these final letter combinations these three final letter letter combinations what you’re going to do is you’re going to once again write those three different ones on a set of paper what we’re gonna do now is we’re gonna draw a circle and need all of these letters three separate ones for each separate and ten and what I want you to do is I want you to cleverly make a design within the circle using all of these letters so and you also don’t want it to be obvious when you look at it you don’t want to be able to just glance at it and see what it says what you want to do is you want to incorporate all the letters into a vague image that you are not able to decipher it right away so for example I’ll put the M like see how that’s an M right in that circle so now we can cross off the M now we are left with an S but if you can see we sort of already have an S going on in there right here so we can cross off the ash – now we’re going to need an X so to create an X I can just and remember you don’t have to copy what I’m doing I want you to be creative and make it your own don’t that with this part don’t just copy what I’m doing do whatever be creative with a big artistic with it make it your own because that’s what will make it more powerful I’m just sort of giving you an example of how to do it if you’ve never used essential magic before all right so I crossed out the end the s and the X cuz I got that in there and if you see I got the Y in there so I cross that out and then I’ll just keep doing the examples so you can get a feel for how to do it yourself again please don’t use mine be creative with it and make it your own the idea is just to make a simple image within the circle that embodies all of these letters and you want one to get three separate ones four three three of the separate intentions got my feelers and then I’ll get my inner layer get my and the more time you spend on this and the more you make it your own the more powerful the spell will be so keep that in mind really take your time you know enjoy it it’s creative it’s fun it’s relaxing so again last example you want to hide all of these letters in there very cleverly to make the cool little simple cool little image then you’re not able to decipher right away and cross that as you go along so you’re not lost and confused also please spend more time than I am right now I’m simply just doing this to give you an example I want you to really take your time with this part this is the fun part all right now that you have your three separate symbols for each thing I want you to go ahead and cut those out cut around the circle so they’re still circular now that you’re back with your three symbols what I want you to do is forget which symbol went to which sentence I know that’s difficult for some of you with great memories so if that’s the case you’re just gonna hide these away for a few days or a few weeks or however long it takes you to forget consciously which symbol went to which sentence once that happens you’re going to go into your hiding space and draw out one at a time randomly when you do that you can start to activate your spell by taking your first symbol into the bedroom and having fun with yourself or a partner yes the spell includes sex magic because sex energy is some of the most powerful energy you can use in a spell once you take this first symbol into your bedroom when you are about to finish you need to intently look at this symbol and while you are finishing look at the symbol after you did that you activated your first symbol and you can put it away for later do not dispose of it put it away for later then on a separate occasion or separate day you’re going to draw out the second symbol and you’re gonna do the same thing you’re gonna activate it by taking it into the bedroom and when you’re about to finish and while you’re finishing you’re gonna stare intently at the symbol and then when you’re finished activating your second one you’re going to put it away for later and then on a third occasion or the third day you’re gonna do the same for the third symbol and then once you’ve activated you’re gonna put it away for later after you’ve activated all three symbols this spell should manifest into your life very quickly and greatly enhance your sex appeal almost instantaneously unfortunately in my experience these spells are not permanent they last anywhere from two weeks to a month sometimes less sometimes more depending so that is why I’ve had I’ve had you these symbols because when you feel the spell dying off or when you feel your sex appeal going down you can repeat the spell by simply taking out one symbol at a time and repeating the whole process but since you kept these you won’t have to do the hard part of making this symbol all over again you can just do the fun part where you draw out one at a time and activate it in the bedroom I hope this helps you if you want to leave your experience down below I would love to hear about it thank you for taking the time to watch my video and I will see you all later

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