Some Magickal Powder Recipes

Herbal powders can provide some powerful magick. Here, we have gathered a few of our favorites to share with you.

When making up herbal powders, you will need to grind the herbs as fine as possible in your mortar and pestle. While you are grinding, you must concentrate upon and visualize the goal for which you are making the powder.

Magical powders are made to sprinkle around the house, in your wallet or purse, in the mailbox, or put into little bags to carry or hang in specific areas. They are not meant to be consumed.

Business Success Powder

TIME: The waxing moon or Full Moon; or on a Wednesday or Sunday.

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon sage
5 tablespoons yellow dock
2 tablespoons squill
2 teaspoons crumbled bay leaves

5 drops honeysuckle oil
4 drops violet oil

INSTRUCTIONS: Sprinkle this around your place of business, particularly at the door, the cash register, and the mailbox.

Tides of business, flow my way.
Bring me money that will stay.


Divination Powder

TIME: The Full Moon or New Moon; or on a Monday or Wednesday.

2 tablespoons acacia 1/2 teaspoon cardamom
1/4 cup Dittany of Crete

1/2 teaspoon grated lemon peel
1/4 cup gum mastic
pinch of nutmeg

6 drops lotus oil
3 drops heliotrope oil

INSTRUCTIONS: Sprinkle this lightly on your altar, or on the table where you plan to lay out cards or the runes. You can also sprinkle a little in the box or drawer where you keep your divination tools.

I see the future and the past.
The answers come both true and fast.

Exorcism Powder

TIME: The waning moon or New Moon; or on a Saturday.

1 teaspoon bay
1/8 cup cedar powder
1/2 cup frankincense powder pinch of black pepper
1/4 cup rue
1/2 cup sandalwood powder
1 tablespoon dragon’s blood
1/4 cup vervain

7 drops bay oil
2 drops cedar oil

INSTRUCTIONS: Sprinkle this around a home or a building that is troubled by negative spirits.

I call upon the psychic tide
That nothing evil here abide.


General Healing Powder

TIME: The waxing moon or Full Moon; or on a Sunday or Wednesday.

1/2 cup lavender
1 tablespoon spearmint
2 tablespoons bay

6 drops frankincense oil
2 drops apple cider (apple blossom oil may be substituted for cider)

INSTRUCTIONS: Sprinkle this lightly in each corner of the room belonging to a sick person. Or, it can be sprinkled on your altar when you do healings.

Cleanse the body. Cleanse the heart.
Cleanse the soul. All ill depart.


Good Luck Powder

TIME: The waxing moon or Full Moon; or on a Sunday or Thursday.

1/4 teaspoon allspice
1/2 cup angelica
1/2 cup yellow dock
1/2 cup vetiver
1 cup lemon balm

7 drops apple blossom oil
2 drops bergamot oil

INSTRUCTIONS: This powder can be sprinkled lightly into your purse or wallet, as well as in your mailbox and near your main entry door. You can also put some in a small bag and carry it with you.

Good luck, come in. Bad luck, depart.
Good fortune, enter my life and heart.


Love Powder

TIME: The waxing moon or Full Moon; or on a Monday or Friday.

1/2 cup lavender
1/2 cup ground orris root
1 cup rose petals

4 drops gardenia oil
3 drops jasmine oil

INSTRUCTIONS: Put some of this powder in a small bag and carry it with you.

I call into the mists of time
To bring to me a love sublime.

Meditation Powder

TIME: The waxing moon or Full Moon; or on a Monday or Saturday.

1/2 cup chamomile
1/8 cup frankincense powder
1/2 cup hyssop
1/8 cup gum mastic

7 drops lilac oil
3 drops acacia oil
3 drops heliotrope oil

INSTRUCTIONS: Sprinkle a little of this powder around the room when you meditate.

Oh, door of wisdom, open for me,
Show me the truth and set me free.


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